Tuesday, June 28, 2016

November Hill farm journal, 10

We had a dry spell before I left for California on June 8 and then only one rain while I was gone, so the farm has been dry and dusty for most of this month. On Sunday I took advantage of the dryness to power wash the dirtiest half of the exterior of the barn.

Armed with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap and a handy power washer I rinsed off dust, spider webs, some green algae, and the stain of November Hill's red clay from the walls and doors of the barn.

The pony and Redford galloped most of the time I was power washing. For the first minute I thought they were afraid but then realized as the pony tossed his head that they were using the noise of my machine as an excuse to play. It wasn't as warm as it has been but even so, the pony lined up for 2 consecutive cold hosings when all was said and done. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the grooming tools, de-webbing in the barn, and scrubbing and refilling water troughs. And admiring the equines, who are all slick as seals right now and very shiny.

Today I woke up to soft rain which has quickened a number of times to very solid rainfall. After a month of dry weather (and for me a solid month with no sound of rain at all) it has been a wonderful respite listening to the drops fall and feeling, for it's a palpable sensation, the thirsty earth drinking the water down.

Later today I'll take a few pounds of grass seed out to sprinkle a few bare areas where I've spread stall waste. 

And once the rain stops I aim to use my new machete tool to strip the saplings we cut two months ago and get started on my wattle fence around the garden. 

For now, though, I'm just listening to the rain.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope that rain moves up here. We could sure use it everything is drying up. I'd love to listen to the rain while reading a good book. You've got a lot of work done since you've been home.

billie said...

I hope you get rain too. It's been so nice today! Finally moved out and horses are out for the night. :)

Matthew said...

There is something so peaceful about the sound of a steady rain. It reminds me of my childhood, and the deep green of North Carolina that you always remember when coming back from drier climes.

billie said...

Definitely peaceful. I remember being very young sitting on a lounge chair in our carport in Clayton with Cora Mae shelling beans beside me while it rained. And I read a book. I so clearly hear the sound of the rain slapping softly on the concrete walk that led from the carport to our back patio.