Wednesday, June 08, 2016

in the air

I haven't flown in awhile so was not sure what to expect, but the hotel shuttle was on time and efficient and the TSA line in the Charlotte airport was quick and easy with no issues at all. Everyone from Southwest staff to TSA agents were friendly and helpful. 

We arrived early expecting the worst but things went so well we had time to get some food and sit and relax in the boarding area. There was a lovely older woman from the African Congo working as a bathroom attendant and she sang the most beautiful African songs. Several people, including me, thanked her for making our day so much nicer. A French woman spoke French with her and I was able to glean a few phrases but mostly enjoyed the lyrical back and forth.

We're flying with two service dogs and a number of children. There's an occasional loud yell from a toddler but otherwise it's been a quiet flight.

In Dallas we change planes and then have one more stop before landing in San Francisco. There were direct flights but the cost difference was enough that I opted to do it this way. It's good to go through the routine to get familiar with how things work now!

Once we get the rental car we'll head to Berkeley where son has a meeting with a professor. I aim to soak in some Berkeley ambiance and make some notes for my Time trilogy novels.

I'm a long way from November Hill! But touching down in Texas (I went to grad school in Austin) and landing in San Francisco (I lived for a time in nearby Los Gatos) is a bit like going back in time. 

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