Sunday, June 12, 2016

On to Santa Cruz

We spent a quiet day in Palo Alto yesterday, in a terrific little place called Creekside Inn which had very well-appointed rooms and balconies that were both private and lush with trees and bird song. We were there two nights and although minutes away from Stanford and shopping/dining it felt like we were in a little nook of forest somewhere.

Today we checked out at noon and headed to Santa Cruz via a stunning drive from Palo Alto to a few miles north of Pescadero. We passed a huge and gorgeous horse park and a number of horse farms, were behind a truck carrying about 50 bales of nice-looking hay for awhile, and then ended up on a gorgeous curving road that wound through redwoods and eventually opened up to golden, grassy hills.

We finally came to a stop sign at the Pacific Ocean! We turned left onto Highway 1 and for 35 or so miles scenes like the above were to our right. Gorgeous drive and now we're checked in and ready for grad school meetings at UC-Santa Cruz tomorrow and Tuesday. 

I have so many photos to share. I'll get them up at some point in a series of posts. I actually might have time tomorrow with dear son in meetings. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, very happy to be back in the old stomping ground. I used to come do laundry and buy groceries and books and coffee in Santa Cruz when I lived in Los Gatos years ago! 


Matthew said...

Hope you and Dylan are having a wonderful trip!

billie said...

We are - thank you and big hugs to you and dear daughter for holding down the farm while I'm gone. I miss you all! And love that while I'm having a grand time with dear son I have such a great home and family to return to. Life Is Good. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a beautiful trip. Love the picture. Can't wait for more when you have the time. There's nothing like ocean views and lighthouses. That's my favorite scenery.

billie said...

As usual, I'm busily googling horse farms for sale in Santa Cruz county. LOL! The temps are amazing - 59 this morning and high of 63 today. The UC-Santa Cruz campus is like a state park. Love it so far!!