Wednesday, June 01, 2016

November Hill farm journal, 8

There's nothing like being on the farm after days away. I took peppermints out with me and anyone who was maybe annoyed that I'd been gone made amends pretty fast with peppermints as apologies.

We had a lot of rain while I was gone and as usual, June = Jungle on November Hill. The vegetable garden is about 40% bigger than when I left, the just-weed-eaten fence lines will soon need it again, and the grass seems to grow while I'm standing there watching it.

Horses are appreciating the shady barn with fans during the days. It was nice being in there with them, puttering around doing chores while they munched and relaxed and drank from fresh buckets.

While I was gone dear husband was able to get a large round of our old favorite local orchard grass hay and this spring's cutting looks good. I love this hay when all the many factors that go into baling good hay cooperate. It's easy to balance in terms of minerals, it's low s/s, and the horses love it.

The oak tree that sits at H in the arena looked "wilty" today and I stood for a few minutes and fretted over it. To lose either of the big oaks at H and F would be terrible. I don't see anything wrong with the trunk or bark but it just seemed slightly off. I hope it's okay. 

I researched paints for the porch screens and cat tunnel before going away and my samples were here when I got home. I spent a little time today painting a section of cat tunnel roof to see how the color looks. I have three to try for the tunnel and three whites to try for the screens.

The company I found is and so far I am very pleased with how the milk paint is working. Raw wood works really well with it and I'll apply a coating of tung oil over it once I get the color right to seal and waterproof. I'm eager to try it in other areas of the farm. It's easy on people, animals, and the earth, and I love the matte texture.

I felt like Tasha Tudor today on the ladder for some reason, with husband mowing/dragging the front field and Keil Bay sneaking down the grass paddock to see what I was up to. Bear was on the porch keeping me company as I painted and somehow the milk paint set me thinking of Tasha Tudor and her Corgi Cottage.

Right now the sun has set and I'm sweating and probably need to close the front door but the frogs are out there singing and the night sounds are so pleasant to hear.

I'm happy to be home again. Jiggety Jig.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's nice to get away but always seems nicer to come home.

billie said...

Away is wonderful but home is where the heart is. :)