Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Porches Writing Retreat - Delightful in May!

I had a wonderful second visit to Porches last weekend and in addition to the writing I got done I greatly enjoyed seeing this lovely space in a whole new season. This was my room this trip:

It's known as the Jade room because of this (which certainly made it perfect for ME!):

This is the view out one of the bedroom windows:

And the view from my desk:

And a late afternoon view from my reading chair:

The den remains a favorite spot to read and write:

The sky was inviting every single day:

And the grounds as wonderful in spring as they were in winter:

Everything was lush and starting to bloom:

And of course the porch itself was perfection:

Leaving was sad but I know I'll be back to see this lovely space in the fall.

Highly recommended for writing and fine artists to work in beauty, solitude, and an environment that stimulates the creative process. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Just a gorgeous place. It does look very peaceful.

billie said...

I'm hoping for a fall trip back - will let you know if/when in case you and J want to meet me there. It will be a long weekend trip again so maybe that could work?? It's just stunning and so so peaceful.