Tuesday, June 07, 2016

If November Hill were a Van Gogh painting...

I love Vincent Van Gogh's work but don't think I'd seen this one until today. The colors remind me of November Hill in the fall and although we don't have a red roof or yellow wall it feels like home when I look at this.

Taking off tomorrow morning on an adventure with my very brilliant and dear son who is going to do research in physics at UCLA for the summer. We're heading out early to visit grad schools. 

Makes me happy to think of November Hill moving steadily toward autumn whether I'm here or not. And thanks to my equally brilliant and capable daughter and husband for holding down the farm while I'm away!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Have a great trip!

billie said...

Getting a club sandwich in the bar which is a bit of a dive. :0 Waiting for son and flying out tomorrow a.m.!