Tuesday, June 14, 2016

UC-Santa Cruz day 2 and end of day beach visit

Another great day on the UC-Santa Cruz campus. While dear son met with physics department faculty and grad students I wandered the campus and checked out libraries, the arboretum, and the biology building, where a recent graduate gave me a tour of the specimen collection. Drawers and drawers  and cupboards full of preserved specimens of every kind of bird imaginable. 

She spent nearly two hours with me letting me see all the birds they have. It was such a treat to see the collection but also a treat to meet a young woman so enthralled with her studies. She reminded me of my own two young adults. 

We ended the day with a walk at Natural Bridges State Beach. It was beautiful. Tomorrow we head down the coast to Santa Barbara.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Another great day! Love that picture.

billie said...

Love the beaches here - so different from those in NC.