Tuesday, August 25, 2015

wild muscadines, mini retreat, luminous Pixie

This is a bit of a patchwork post.

Today in the middle of barn chores I took a walk along the perimeter of the barnyard and back field to do some wild muscadine tasting. I can reach quite a few of them from the ground but will need Keil Bay to help me reach the higher-up ones! They taste really good this year.

Keil has been out of work since June and has a chiro appointment on Monday. I'll be back from a mini writing retreat on Wednesday. If the weather cooperates I'm aiming for next Thursday to take a ride. 

I'm excited about getting back in the saddle with the Big Bay and I'm also excited about this:

And here's a photo of the luminous Pixie Pie. She is such a sweetheart.

Friday, August 21, 2015

goldfinch = joy

Today I was scrubbing and refilling the big water troughs in the paddocks and field. I was intent on scrubbing for awhile and then completely attuned to rinsing the tub in the dirt paddock when I felt something looking at me.

It was a goldfinch, sitting on the fence post about five feet away. He looked at me and waited, then hopped down to a lower piece of the fence, still waiting, obviously trying to tell me something. I was charmed. (it's easy to see why a group of goldfinches is called a charm of goldfinches!)

He went to the top of the H dressage marker and suddenly I realized what he wanted. A pool! 

I found a spot where the ground dipped and made him a nice puddle and he flew to it immediately and began dipping his beak in and out. 

I love goldfinches and haven't seen many this summer, so today's visit and conversation was pure joy. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

end of an era and renewal of another one - sandplay!

With my daughter's graduation from high school, this fall marks the end of our homeschooling journey. Both my children (now 18 and 20) homeschooled from the time they were old enough to engage with the world around them until graduation.

My son is a rising junior in college this year, pursuing a double major in physics and pure mathematics. My daughter will begin in the spring semester studying computer science and physics. They are amazing young people, both smart, both independent learners, both creative and interesting to talk to. I couldn't be more proud of them!

In anticipation of having more time this fall and onward, I rented additional office space so I could move my sandplay studio into town. It's a fabulous space and good work is already being done there. I'm excited about rebuilding my practice and have been adding new miniatures to my collection. Most recently: a narwhal and an armadillo. 

Local folks - feel free to spread the word. If anyone is interested, I can share more information about Jungian-based sandplay. It's an amazing therapy modality.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

may a pleasure of pixies come our way

Gosh,  I love this so much.

I've never seen the collective nouns for all these creatures. Also love the malevolence of trolls. 

Fun for a very hot day.