Monday, August 29, 2011

great news! Calm, Forward, Straight and Val are OKAY!

For any blog readers who know Calm, Forward, Straight and Val from the wonderful Transition to Harmony blog, you'll be relieved to hear that she and the handsome ottb Val weathered Hurricane Irene and although they are without almost all the amenities we are all so used to, they do have hay, feed, food, and shelter, and will be moving forward with cleaning up and getting back to normal life as utilities, etc. are restored.

Miraculously, C. had a non-electric phone and was able to bicycle it to a place she could plug it in and call. She said no one had a working land line anywhere but somehow, this one worked, and she got a call through. On my end, it was miraculous that I was in here to answer - our landline is mostly defunct as we are now all cellular here, but the call came through and I was able to hear the story of the hurricane.

I suspect it was nothing but the magic of horse bloggers and pony fairies that put that call through - we had time to catch up and then suddenly the connection was gone, but C. asked me to let everyone know that she is fine, Val weathered the storm like the trooper he is, and she will post on her own blog as soon as she can.

Send good thoughts for highway building that goes lightning fast and perpetual hay bales. And please pass the word on your blogs so that folks know she's okay.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

checking in post hurricane!

Just wanted to say that we are fine, the sun is shining, and we on November Hill were lucky to be on the very outer edge of Irene's effects in NC.

Stay tuned later in the week as I return from hiatus with some changes to the blog - nothing major, but I'm trying to make things a bit more seamless between my website, November Hill Press, and camera-obscura, which may end up being renamed as November Hill Farm.

Growing pains! Ease of use for me and hopefully readers.

Hope all are well - see you later in the week.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Interview today with Unbridled Editor!

Come join me today at 1:30 pm EST. I'll be sitting in a chair under the big oak tree by the barn, talking with Unbridled Editor John Rakestraw about my novel, claire-obscure.
Direct link to radio show HERE.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

FEI Admits Reining Abuse


Thank you, Epona TV, for keeping us posted.

I've forwarded the link to both Purina and Spalding with the question: does this shift things wrt your companies sponsoring Craig Schmersal? If you wonder the same thing, be sure to call or email them and ASK. Whether or not this wins the war, it does help with the battle.