Monday, June 13, 2016

University of California-Santa Cruz - love love love!

We visited the campus at UCSC today and I love it. It's a bit outside the main part of town and as you approach it looks almost like a high prairie, with the Santa Cruz mountains in the distance on one side and the Pacific in the distance on the other. The campus itself is set into a forest and it feels like a state park with academic buildings tucked deep into the trees.

I'll have more photos to share later but for now this is a quick glimpse. 

I also met and had lunch with an old online friend who I've known since dear son was a wee infant. It was fun to sit and talk with her and catch up on the kids plus get lots of info about the area. 

A good day and more tomorrow. I'm ready to apply to graduate school again myself! Marine biology? That was something I thought of at one point in my young life.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Just gorgeous! Glad you caught up with an old friend. Thats nice.

billie said...

Having a wonderful time here. I just love this campus. Today I found the library - gorgeous!