Thursday, June 16, 2016

Santa Barbara - a quick stop

We rolled into Santa Barbara last night after a beautiful drive down the Pacific coast highway through Monterey, Big Sur, Cambria, and then inland via 154, which was spectacular too. Horse farms, many huge fields of hay being baled, and mountains dotted with green trees which made me feel like I was driving in a novel. Not sure which one! But it was lovely.

Today we went to UC-Santa Barbara campus and I spent some time in the library. One side looks to the mountains, the other to the Pacific. It's quite a place. 

We went to the beach this evening and are now spending our last night here before heading out early tomorrow for Pasadena and Caltech.

The days are winding down for me - one more campus to go before I leave dear son at UCLA for the summer. I have enough photos and material to write weeks of blog posts when I get home! It's been a wonderful trip.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The drive sounds awesome! I'd love to do that someday.

billie said...

It was a gorgeous drive. We noted ash all over the car this morning and learned that a wildfire just north of Santa Barbara grew significantly overnight - there was literally ash in the air. I was happy to drive south after breakfast but now in Pasadena the smog is just truly awful! I don't think I could live in Southern California again. But we had a good visit on Caltech's campus and are now in Pasadena hotel resting up from the steadily increasing heat - 93 today, 97 tomorrow, 101 on Sunday, and 105 on Monday! Thankfully I fly out at 8 a.m.!!