Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mailbox bliss

Soon after we moved to November Hill we bought an oversized mailbox to accommodate my online shopping habits. I would rather order just about anything than go to the mall or drive around shopping for something I need. The big mailbox makes a big difference to the rural postal service carriers who otherwise have to hang packages on the mailboxes or leave them at the door.

With the new gate, though, and new fencing soon to be done, our big mailbox, now 13 years old, really looks shabby. The post is wiggly and it's not quite straight and it was time to get something new.

I went online and started searching. I had some ideas, couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but finally found something that came close enough and was priced well enough that I snapped it right up.

It is amazing! And a little bay Hanoverian is on the way to stand in that little shelter. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

That is just too adorable. I really like it. Nice find.

billie said...

The man who makes these in customized styles and colors said he could build me a bigger one with a green roof to match the barn - but it would be 2018 before he could get to it! So I went ahead and got this one. I like it - very well made and cute enough sitting on the wood stove that I am not rushing to get it put up!