Wednesday, November 12, 2008

woohoo wednesday

I had the dreaded dental appointment this a.m. and was very pleasantly surprised that all he had to do was put the crown back in, properly, using the proper materials. I'm as good as new with no trauma involved.

This was inevitably helped by the two-hour long hot stone massage I indulged in yesterday. H. was due to come anyway, but I selfishly co-opted the equine massage time and added it to mine! I decided that Apache is getting enough attention right now with acupuncture, warm towels on hocks and warm water bag on hips. Cody is getting the supplements and is moving like a dream. Keil Bay gashed his face yesterday a.m. and while he might have done well to get a massage, my gut feeling said he needed some ointment, some arnica, and an afternoon of soaking in the sunshine while he munched on hay and grass. Salina and the donkeys seemed so peaceful I decided not to mess with that.

All excuses, I admit, but H. agreed - it was time for ME to get some indulgence.

The massage was, as usual, incredible, and I hereby swear never to let myself miss one again.

Yesterday after the massage I got an email from my saddle fitter, saying he could swing by today to take a look at the Big Bay's saddle. He's impossibly busy and usually it takes months to get on his schedule, so I seized the opportunity and will be out riding Keil at 3 today so that David can see what his saddle pad is doing and fix whatever it is that's off.

And then, the week's scheduled events are OVER. I can ride, write, read, clean, hang out, and not have a single thing to "get ready for."

My favorite way to hit the end of a week.


Peggy Payne said...

I hope Keil Bay is doing well. You lead such a rancher life right here in NC. I like the way you've taken charge and made that happen.

billie said...

LOL - my idea of the rancher life is riding the range in a Western saddle chasing cows! It is so not like that here! But I know what you mean. The horses are the center of my life, and the very idea that I once said I'd do this "when the first book sells" makes me shudder.

Why the heck would I have waited on something so fickle? I'm so glad I didn't.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Excuses or not I'd love to have a massage like that, don't know of anyone around here that does it, or I might indulge.
Sounds like you are having a great week.

billie said...

H. is a gem and a real find. She understands equine AND human bodies, but best of all she understands how they connect. The very best thing is getting your horse done and then getting a massage yourself. It is uncanny how much the muscular tensions correlate.

Mamie said...

To be ready to hit the end of the week on Wednesday sounds dreamy. Have a great "weekend" - sounds like you earn it with your busy life.

billie said...

Well, I forgot the shavings guy is coming tomorrow with a big load of shavings. But I think I can deal with that. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you treating yourself so well and spending your weekend doing the things you enjoy.
I'm glad that the dentist appt was simple and the outcome was better than expected. :)

New Mexico

billie said...

That massage is still with me.