Wednesday, November 26, 2008

quite the crazy day

When I glanced out the window this a.m., Cody's blanket was hanging the wrong way on him - think sideways instead of front to back. I have NO idea how that happened!

By breakfast time what felt like the entire world of November Hill was a whirl of sound and movement.

On one side, a huge cement mixer was spinning red, white, and blue. Workmen were bustling all over the place, in white coveralls and hats.

On the other side, a strange tree limb trimmer was crawling along, extending its long white arm high up to the tops of trees, whacking away.

The horses and donkeys were not quite sure what to make of all this. Breakfast was served in the "safety" zone of the front field and grass paddock, where the herd clustered together, on either side of the inner fence line, trying to eat and monitor all this action at the same time.

How all this came to pass the day before Thanksgiving, I don't know, but I DO know there will be one big thankful herd come tomorrow morning when the world is quiet again.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That's a lot of commotion all at once. I'm sure every living thing on November Hill will enjoy the peace and quiet tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and all your critters.

billie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Arlene! I hope you have lots of family there to cook for you so your knee can continue healing.

Victoria Cummings said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Billie - This is a year where I'm very conscious of how much I have to be thankful for, including your friendship. I hope everyone and everything in your world is peaceful and enjoying the day off.

billie said...

Thank you, Victoria - and you too. I hope your weekend is full of good things.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. It always seems to happen all at once doesn't it.
Thank goodness there is usually peace between the chaotic moments. :)

New Mexico

billie said...

We've had a nice interlude - but that scary white arm will be back to work tomorrow.