Saturday, November 29, 2008

november's billet-doux

It's one of those November days I love, gray and misty and chilly but not quite cold. Most of the trees are bare, but those that still have leaves have them in the beautiful burnished colors of autumn: tobacco brown and burgundy offset by evergreen.

I went out to get the mail and had to come right back in for the camera, which was mercifully on my desk and charged.

As I stood collecting mail, a kettle of black vultures suddenly settled into a tree overlooking our driveway, forming a venue, or committee. They made quiet little chirping sounds and stayed there while I took photographs. One decided to leave, stirred by the horses galloping up the hill, and singly, as if on cue, the vultures flew away.

The two handsomes set their burnished coats against the landscape, in the season I think fits them best:

Each month of the year has its own special gifts, but today is November's little love note to me.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful pictures for a November day. And I hear congratulations are in order on winning the contest. Can't wait to see who you pick from your 13, the final 4 should be interesting.

billie said...

Thanks, Arlene - this is a Final Four I can get into, LOL!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Speaking of gifts - I swung over here from Linda's place at 7 MSN Ranch to congratulate you in person for winning her contest.

I really love your quote from yesterday. I've posted something similar on my site today.

I have a Giveaway I'm hosting over at my place, as well, if you want to drop by and check it out. You may get lucky again!

Have a great weekend!


billie said...

Thanks, Carolynn... I'll stop by for a visit!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh Billie!

"kettle of black vultures"
"burnished colors of autumn"
"tobacco brown and burgundy"

Your words are so beautifully descriptive that I can see, feel, and even smell everything that you've described.
The photo of your two handsomes is just exquisite!

I always feel so calm when I visit you. :)

New Mexico

billie said...

I'm glad, Lisa. Thanks so much for the very kind words.