Wednesday, November 05, 2008

november on the hill

We've had several days of rain now, with gray skies and misty fields. The brilliant splotches of deep color and the rustlings of various creatures in the woods. Each time I walked down the labyrinth path with a wheelbarrow load, a small flock of birds (Eastern Kingbirds?) flew up and then settled again, their tiny wings batting the drying leaves and making the most lovely sound.

Yesterday my daughter and I spent hours keeping stalls clean and comfy, while the geldings cavorted in the drizzle of the back field, rearing and bucking and squealing like hyenas.

Salina paced and fretted whenever her donkey pair ventured from one end of the barn aisle to the other and she couldn't see them. We put her on the far side of the barn so she could walk and stretch her legs more, and the Little Man ended up on the near side for the evening.

Redford has convinced Rafer Johnson that rain is not so bad, and the two donkeys made a number of forays in the rain: one to check up on Salina, another to the round bale (which was woefully covered, so they made that trip for nothing!) and a final one to visit the pony through the arena gate.

Ken and Marty sent Rafer Johnson a beautiful new (and larger) halter, in black, and I know it is going to look so handsome on him.

I also got a call yesterday from Patsy with Cody's kinesiology test results. He has low digestive enzymes and a kidney stone! She sent two supplements to address these things and I updated her on Keil Bay and the pony. I'm relieved Cody has so little going on, and intrigued that the kidney stone could be the culprit for some hind end weakness he has sporadically.

Everyone is doing so well right now I rescheduled our chiropractic visit until December.

On other fronts, I hit the flow with the novel over the weekend and as of this morning have re-sequenced the entire 325 pages. Later today I will try and squeak out all those pages on my just-starting-to-fade printer cartridge and begin the page edits I've been wanting to do for two months.

As is usual with my creative process, it happens in layers, and I often don't know why I'm drawn to peel one layer away when it presents itself. It's only after I trust myself enough to do what presents that I realize I had to peel that one away to get to the next one down.

I've also been having some personal hormonal chaos, and I think one thing I've learned is that for me, soy is like a medication and I need to use it judiciously. I'm now reading food labels and focusing more on what I put into my body.

The other thing I learned, or more accurately, remembered, is this:

No riding, no writing, crazy me.

Let's reframe that.

Riding, writing, balanced me.


Grey Horse Matters said...

You're always so busy at November Hill. Glad th writing is coming along. The donkeys sounds like they are having fun and I love that Salina is always looking after them.

billie said...

It was a quiet week until this afternoon when I was driving home from the feed store, wind in my hair, XM turned up loud, enjoying the truck. I bit into an almond granola bar and broke a tooth!

So tomorrow morning I get to go to the dentist, second only to getting an IV on my "most dreaded" list.

Sigh. At least right now it doesn't hurt.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hehe, I like how riding comes first. :)

Your photo is just lovely. With all the rain the colors of the grass and leaves are so saturated and rich. Just lovely!

I can't wait to see Rafer in his new halter, too.
Poor Cody. Must be uncomfortable being a horse with a kidney stone.
I'm sending him positive healing energy :)

Keep up the good work unpeeling all those beautiful 'layers', too.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ps....Ouch! What was inside that granola bar? Rocks?
You poor thing!

The dentist is my least favorite place to go.
Hang in there :)


billie said...

Thanks, Lisa. As it turned out, I had to go to two dentists today but did get things fixed up. I will have to make a return visit to my regular dentist when he gets back from being out of town, but it sounds like a simple appt. and not the stressful kind!!

Matthew said...

We have such a lovely driveway in the autumn!

billie said...

It's a favorite view of mine, looking down from the front porch.