Friday, November 21, 2008

a friday evening in november, cold, but look at the light!

Today was pretty bitterly cold. The horses kept their blankets on, and I actually let Salina and the donkeys have the entire barn as back-up if they wanted to get out of the biting wind. They alternated, taking some sun during part of the day, and getting out of the elements the other.

A huge tarp blew into the fence mid-morning from our neighbor's yard, and while we have our own tarps flapping about, without any disturbance, the "strange" one seemed to un-nerve the equines. Salina was spooky when I fed her lunch, and brave "low man in the herd" Cody was issued forth to walk through the gate, meaning he had to face down the tarp, which had blown along the fence line and gotten tangled yet again.

Once he made it through safely, Keil Bay and the pony came through too.

I moved Cody to the near side of the barn, put Salina in with Keil and Apache, and gave the donkeys back their barn aisle, making the executive decision that it was nearing 4 p.m., they had been out in the wind all day, and maybe some quiet stall time with NPR and hay-filled mangers was what they all needed.

An hour later, I was in the laundry room switching out laundry when I happened to glance out toward the barn. It looked cold, but the barn itself seemed to have a nice warm glow. I could see Cody's rump through his back stall door, and across the barn aisle, Salina's head over the stall door, where she was communing with her donkey boys.

Not sure about the dusky light, I took a second one, using the 'night shot' feature. And look how it came out:

My image of peace and safety for my family, herd, and friends always includes a circle of white light. And there it is.

Here's to a safe, peace-filled, warm weekend for us all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's na nice shot of the barn in the light. We have been dealing with the wind and cold here too. The horses don't seem to mind a bit though, just us humans seem to be freezing.

billie said...

The wind blew out of here late last night, but it's still cold!

Thanks re: the shot.

I'm still excited to see that mysterious light back there, which, in case I didn't make it clear, is NOT the sun, the moon, or anything else I can think of.

LJB said...

I love your 'image of peace and safety' always including a circle of light. Thank you for putting that in words.

billie said...

You're welcome, LJB. I do a lot of visualization and it's so fun when one of my images actually pops up in a photograph. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I wish I could be one of your animals. It's easy to see/read how well-loved they are :)


billie said...

They are, absolutely - but what they give back is so rich, how could they not be?

Peggy Payne said...

Maybe the light is one of those floating orbs that sometimes show up on pictures--and elsewhere. I wrote about that once on my blog and ever since, the phrase "floating orb" has drawn traffic more than most anything but my name or the name of the blog.
Apparently there's a lot of interest in that.

billie said...

Peggy, I did think of that! So interesting that the floating orb draws so much attention, but I can see why. It's quite intriguing.