Monday, November 10, 2008

a coloratura day

It's 50-something and sunny, with a slight breeze that is perfectly wafting leaves of various hue through the air and to the ground. I've opened up the barn for the day, and put the geldings in the front field where they are walking around, stopping for hay breaks, and taking mini-naps in the warm sun.

The sun makes squares and rectangles of light in the stalls as it moves across the sky. I often feel like making a sort of clock that tracks time by the movement of the shapes through the barn over the course of the day. NPR is playing in the tack room, and alternately the classical station.

Salina and the donkeys are in the dirt paddock for a change of scenery, with their own hay and the same sunshine. Rafer Johnson and Redford are quite happy because there is some activity going on next door involving tools. They immediately went to the far end and stood side by side and alert, surveying the action.

My daughter's dressage lesson got canceled for today, so suddenly we have nothing on the agenda except a run to the feed store later and our regular chores. We'll be riding and then it's time for me to tackle Keil Bay's hooves in what will be my first effort at a minor trim. I have sketches from our trimmer, and a rasp, and hopefully Keil Bay's cooperation as I work.

Cody is not at all liking the digestive enzyme tablets, so for now I'm making sure he gets the other supplement. He is willing to eat his food out of my hand with the enzyme in, but that takes a LONG time and I think it will be easier to mix up the crushed tabs with some blackstrap molasses and syringe it after he eats. I want him to enjoy his meals, and while he will eat it from my hand, it's obvious he doesn't like the possibility of that bitter enzyme exploding in his mouth. Even Keil Bay flapped his lips at the digestive enzyme! Funny, because he slurped his right up, but this is a different kind, and it's intriguing that he won't eat it. I think on some level they know what they need.

I'm reading through the novel, which I've set up in a corner of the living room by a window that looks out onto the forest. Wild muscadines have climbed across the screen, and the shadows of the leaves make beautiful patterns on the curtain and my legs.

The Word of the Day email just popped in and what a fitting word:


Indeed it is.


mamie said...

Your post is resplendent too. Thanks for it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The description of your day sounds peaceful and resplendent in every way. Except maybe for the enzymes that Cody is not to happy about. In the long run he will be better for it, maybe at some level he will know that and give in without you having to hand feed it to him.

billie said...

Mamie, you're so kind! Thank you for reading.

billie said...

Thank you, Arlene. The enzymes are so bitter. Crushing them up, I manage to inhale a bit of the dust and yowza! I can see why he doesn't want to eat it.

I rode him today and was absolutely amazed at how long his stride was, at both the walk and the trot. I haven't ridden him in a month, but have watched my daughter ride him, and while he *has* been looking quite nice, I don't think his stride has been so big.

I wonder if the supp. for the kidney stone is already doing its job and he's feeling relief. I've had kidney stones a number of times starting at age 16 and I recall feeling very "short-strided" myself during the episodes!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thank you for your post. The way you paint such a descriptive picture with your creative and well thought out words, just lifts my soul while reading and takes me to another place, a place usually filled with peace and beauty.

I hope the trimming goes well. And I'm glad you were able to enjoy a good ride, too. :)


billie said...

Thank you, Lisa. I'm glad you're reading and enjoying.