Monday, November 24, 2008

most fun of the day

was watching two little donkeys play musical mats in the barnyard!

Rafer would get on one, then Redford would follow. Rafer would move to the next one a few feet away, then Redford would get on THAT one. Hilarious!

This was after they walked up to meet the shavings man, who wanted to hear the entire story of the broken leg and how they interact with Salina, and how they got their names. They stood side by side for pats, ears high, noses soft and gentle. Ambassadors in training!

We managed to get shavings in before the rain, and Keil Bay timed his return from the field perfectly. He went at his manger and when I asked if he liked the new shavings, he lifted his head, looked at me over his stall wall, and nodded about four times.

These are an especially NICE batch, very fine and soft.

The putrid stall is drying out nicely. It needs another day and once those mats are back in I'll have a blast filling it with totally new, clean shavings, banked high and deep. At least the final part of the stall debacle is fun.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Redford and Rafer are really just the cutest donkeys ever. How cute that they are the welcoming committee and that they love to play.

the7msn said...

Sound to me like you might be able to train them to play donkey checkers or some such game!

billie said...

There's no doubt we never have a dull moment here. I haven't mentioned that my plan in the new year is to extend the grass paddock and enclose it with no-climb wire so I can open the gate that feeds from the grass paddock into our back yard - it's a double wide gate, and if I open it, the donkeys and Salina will be able to come right in. (and the dogs can go out into the bigger paddock)

Can you imagine seeing donkey noses at the sliding glass door?

I have no doubt that Redford will march right up the steps.

billie said...

LOL, Linda - and with these two, jumping the checkers would present no problem at all!!

My daughter took them both in their halters on a walk on Sunday - it was so cute. Rafer is getting back to the point now that the halter just means halter, which is so nice.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Little Donkey Ambassadors. How cute is that?!
And they truly are, Billie. I'm completely enamored with Redford and Rafer, you know.

Oh my, donkey and horse muzzles giving wet sloppy kisses through the windows. You are going to be smiling all the time, Billie!

New Mexico

billie said...

Lisa, thanks for indulging my idea - as close as they are even when they're out in the field, I still try to find ways to get them closer.