Monday, November 03, 2008

barn cat in training

Mystic has decided he wants to be a barn cat when he grows up, so Dickens, Barn Cat/Cowboy In Charge, has put the mystical kit into his training program.

Mystic is out at the barn off and on all day and night lately, while Dickens comes inside to take long, luxurious cat naps.

The barn cat in training had an interesting lesson yesterday. I think it had something to do with passing muster by the two donkeys who keep things in order at the barn.

Rafer Johnson did the first inspection. Then he sent Redford out for a second one.

Redford decided he wanted to see how the barn cat moved. Once he'd assessed that the cat's legs do work, he called for some back-up.

Mystic passed - and to celebrate, he proceeded to climb up a tree in the barnyard and put himself in a position most cats love: being above everyone else around.

You may have noticed that Rafer Johnson is totally naked. His leg was stocking up with the splint, and when we took it off per the vet's instructions, the leg immediately began to look better. For now, Rafer is going without it, and we're keeping him contained and also keeping an eye to make sure he's using the leg normally at least part of the time.

So far, he is being the wise donkey we know he is. He uses his leg carefully, rests it as needed, and lays down to sleep and roll. We still have a couple months to go while everything continues to heal and strengthen, but for now, he's looking almost normal again!

The thing I am loving most about photos of Rafer Johnson these days: nearly every photo I take reveals a halo of light. He's always been a special donkey, but I think he earned his angel wings when he broke his leg.


Grey Horse Matters said...

So glad to see that Rafer is mending well. He and Redford look like they are best friends already. Mystic the cat is adorable and I'm sure will make a wonderful barn cat when his training is done. Meanwhile I like that the other cat is taking the chance to catch a nap in the house.

billie said...

Dickens seems happy to have an assistant, especially rolling into winter. :)

Today they worked on sleeping on top of the round bale -- an important lesson for ANY barn cat, don't you think? :)

mamie said...

Billie, very interesting how the light is striking Rafer. Could it be that healing light we always hear about? Glad he's doing well.

billie said...

I think so, Mamie. It's uncanny how many photos have revealed a light around his head.

Does anyone but me remember those old Cream of Wheat commercials with the flying saucer like thing floating above your head after eating Cream of Wheat?

Rafer has his own little light with him.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww. I'm loving those soft donkey muzzles nuzzling your kitty. So sweet!

Redford is such a precious little muffin.

It's good to see Rafer looking so normal again. He must have special equine angels watching over him, too :)


Victoria Cummings said...

Your barnyard just radiates peace and happiness. It's so great to see Rafer without his cast. You must feel very relieved. I know I do, and I'm not his mommy.

billie said...

Lisa, funny you refer to Redford as a muffin - from the first time I saw little Rafer Johnson on up 'til now, whenever I see a baby donkey all I can say is "oh my gosh, he/she's as cute as a pie."

It makes no sense but somehow it expresses something about their cuteness.

billie said...

Victoria, mostly I do feel relief. I think there's a tiny bit of anxiety rolled in too, b/c the cast was safety, and now he's w/o it. I remember feeling the same way with my daughter's arm. It will take a little while for me to let that go.

I am slightly obsessed with hocks right now, between ponies and donkeys I walk around inspecting everyone's hocks, racking my brain to wonder: is this normal?