Friday, May 30, 2008

writing, dressage, kayaks, and appletinis

The bigger, more official writing retreat weekend had to be rescheduled due to my own lack of control of calendar-keeping, but this morning husband and kids took off for the seashore and this afternoon one writer friend is coming to help infuse the house with writerly energy and joie de vivre.

In preparation, I went to the local ABC store for appletini ingredients, and came out stuffed to the gills with freebies. I had forgotten to check a recipe for appletinis before leaving home, so the amazingly helpful employee looked online for me and printed out 6 different recipes from which to choose. I was so astounded at her helpfulness I blathered on about how much I love our town and county, and ended up talking for half an hour. (this is why my children say to me before we go anywhere - mom, you CAN'T TALK)

When she bagged up my items, she stuffed in a bunch of those little airplane bottles of all kinds of things, plus a T-shirt!

I had no idea ABC stores were giving away such cool stuff.

On to the grocery store, where it was a bit calmer, and then back home where I opened the mailbox to find Toni McGee Causey's signed copies of Bobbie Faye's Very (very very very) Bad Day and the ARC of her newest novel, Bobbie Faye's (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels. I loved the first one and am eager to read this new one before it even hits the stores! Toni blogs at Murderati on Sundays - go check her out.

CORRECTION: Toni's new book IS in stores, so... if you haven't read her first yet, lucky you! You can buy both and have two good reads without the wait in between.

After stopping to look at the books, I unloaded the car and headed out to get horses set up with hay and fans and some fly spray. Salina has one tick which she refused to let me get off (I'll do it when she gets her evening spray with the hose) and Cody has a 3-inch cut on the inside of his hind leg. Fortunately not too deep and it was already scabbing, so I sprayed on some Banixx and left it alone.

D. is bringing kayaks and the big dressage show Grand Prix musical freestyle is tomorrow night, so assuming we don't get hit by thunderstorms, we'll have plenty to do to stimulate the artists' flow.

And D. has assured me she loves mucking stalls. What better house guest can one ask for? A writer, a mucker of stalls, a bringer of kayaks. Photos at 11. (maybe)

An update: D. arrived, tick was removed during evening shower, and Rafer Johnson has added yet another member to his fan club. He gave about 15 donkey hugs to D. and Chase the Corgi has also adopted her as his personal ball thrower and Person to Tail quietly in the house.

Appletinis are incredible, the company stellar, and we are set to read pages for critique at 10:30. Heaven!


Grey Horse Matters said...

All in all it sounds like a wonderful time will be had by all. Relax and have a great weekend.

billie said...

So far so good! D. actually listened to the first 25 pages of my current novel last night, and then I listened to her first chapter plus some additional excerpts.

Bedtime was in the wee hours but I was so jazzed by the feedback I didn't really need the sleep!