Saturday, May 31, 2008

pals (but no kisses)


the7msn said...

Looks like Rafer is still hanging on to his winter coat, too. I would have thought that George and Alan's shaggy hair would have been long gone in this heat, but not so. Just another one of the differences between horses and donkeys that I'm learning about.

billie said...

Linda, I can't tell if it's winter coat or baby coat. He *is* shedding, as evidenced by the brush when I'm done brushing him, but at this point all the horses are slick as can be and Rafer is still so very fluffy.

The one thing I am seeing is that he is far less bothered by flies and ticks and other pesky insects. His fur seems to be a good shield.

And he loves being brushed, but as soon as you're done, he goes and rolls to get the all-important dust layer back in place. :)

Victoria Cummings said...

They all prefer being dirty, don't they? Rafer looks like he's holding his own in these pictures - so cute! Siete loves to be groomed, but she loves to roll after we're done just as much.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Really cute pictures. I'm just in love with that little guy. He may be onto something, keeping his hair and skin dusty, maybe the bugs feel it's too much trouble to bother with him and head for the horses to snack on.

billie said...

Sometimes I think it would be easier and more effective to just hose the horses down on the summer mornings, let them go roll in the dirt, and forget the grooming and fly spray. The layer the water/dirt creates makes it pretty much impossible for any bug to bite through.

I did that this morning for anyone who self-selected the method. I stood in the paddock with the hose running and Apache Moon came up and got his hosing off, went and rolled, came back for another hosing, and then went and rolled again. He is now impervious to insect bites.

Keil Bay did one hose/roll cycle.

Salina did one.

Cody opted out.

And Rafer Johnson said NO WAY!