Saturday, May 10, 2008

turning the corner back to normal

Yesterday's riding lessons seemed to be the pivoting point for getting back to normal here on November Hill. A week earlier, at one p.m., the vet drove up to do Rafer's gelding and check Salina's lameness. Yesterday, our trainer drove up, and as my daughter rode in the first lesson, I cleaned Keil Bay's bridle, watched Salina and Rafer Johnson graze peacefully, and smiled when Keil Bay marched himself in from the field to let me know he was ready for his turn to ride.

As predicted, climbing into the saddle was indeed a relief and a tonic. My body was stiff though, and we had to work our way through that to get back to relaxation and rhythm. We were both rusty but Marlis helped us get back on track.

Sue arrived for her lesson on Cody, and I hosed Keil Bay down and let him have Salina and Rafer's paddock, since they were in the barnyard. He thought this was a tremendous treat, and Salina enjoyed having him right next door to where she was.

When I got back to the arena to watch Sue and Cody, I was relaxed and content and tired. And then very excited to see Cody in action from the ground. He is looking so good these days, engaging his back and hindquarters, and it occurred to me yesterday that suddenly he seems to have grown into his body and claimed it. He has some Thoroughbred in him and it really showed yesterday. He seemed happy and willing and the late afternoon sun was brilliant on his glossy coat. I couldn't be more pleased with how he's developing.

when everyone left, I had horses everywhere: Keil Bay was in Salina's paddock, Cody was in the barnyard, Rafer Johnson and Salina had been moved to the main paddock, and Apache was in the back field.

I decided to open the gate into the front field for Salina and Rafer, to see if she would walk down the hill. She did, and not following Rafer, who stayed up top. She looked very much her normal self, and as if to further prove the point, she laid down and rolled, and got up with no problem.

What a difference a week can make! We're nearly done with the applesauce antibiotic course and when we give that final dose, daily care will be truly back to normal.

I sat in the barnyard for a few minutes just to let it all soak in. Such a good, solid day.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad things are returning to normal at your place, Billie. What a relief!


billie said...

Thank you so much, L - I have missed seeing you here! Hope life is being good.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hi Billie,
I have been anxiously awaiting your return. I am happy to hear Salina is doing better. I am sure she felt better after her abscess drained and her injections kicked in. And it was good to hear that all the lessons went well and you are almost back to normal at the farm. Again glad you are back and Salina is on the mend. Happy Mother's Day!

billie said...

Arlene, thank you - I was really worried on Monday when nothing was improved, and really trusted that nerve block to rule out the hoof. But the injections to the knee should help her out either way, and the abscess seems to be resolving. She was turned out with the entire herd today and seemed quite happy to be grazing beside her beloved Keil Bay. He was slightly displaced by Rafer Johnson, but she prefers having them both close by.

Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

Victoria Cummings said...

We can all breathe easier now that you're back to normal and back to blogging. Happy Mother's Day!

billie said...

Thanks, V, you too!