Friday, May 09, 2008

week's end

We've made it through the week and Salina is better each day. I've backed the Surpass ointment down and will cut the Bute back soon. I have high hopes that she can return to regular turn-out in another week.

Rafer Johnson is totally back to normal. Yesterday evening he had a wild bucking bronco running fit, and streaked in circles and through the barn and made fancy spins and turns with bucks woven in along the way. Salina and I stood and watched, incredulous. What energy! What wildness! And then just as suddenly, he stopped, and stood still and calm for scratches on his neck.

I bought myself a little white horse figure with flower chains draped over and an elven fairy creature riding side-saddle style on the bare back. We have riding lessons today and although I am still not quite back to full tilt physically, I suspect climbing into the saddle will be both a relief and a tonic.

And last night, driving home in the dark with windows down and air rushing in, several scenes came nearly full-blown into my head, so I jotted them down as soon as I could and am editing my way toward the space in the book where I can plug them in and expand them fully.

All things to be grateful for. Plenty.

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