Tuesday, May 06, 2008

some really good news

This morning when I went out to the barn, Salina had blown an abscess in her left front hoof! She was standing squarely and though not completely out of pain yet, the relief is visible.

As it happened, our trimmer was scheduled to come today, so he confirmed my observations and was able to do a modified trim to keep her comfortable until this resolves. She stood and rested her nose on his shoulder as he worked, giving her a break whenever she needed one, and doing the right front in a very modified manner so she didn't have to put all her weight on the left, which is still sore.

I have gotten so many emails offering support and healing energy for Salina - I appreciate all of them SO MUCH and I wanted to let you all know the immediate results a collective healing effort had. Thank you all.

I'm keeping comments turned off and will stay on break for awhile longer, until things are fully back to normal here, but this was too good not to share!

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