Saturday, May 03, 2008

scenes from a saturday afternoon

Dickens E. Wickens and I sat and enjoyed the evening while Salina and Rafer grazed quietly in the barnyard.

Look at this! My helpful husband installed the new gate. No more escapes!

Muffine Eloise running from her wild brother.

An apt sign, but now he only crosses when we say okay!

Rafer Johnson decided to escape the back way, but he was foiled by woman with camera.

Cody relaxes in the back field. Keil Bay and Apache Moon are out there too, but out of range of my camera.

Everyone is hanging in there today. No excitement. I discovered that donkeys love antiobiotics mixed with applesauce. All the Netflix DVDs arrived in the mail. Chores are done, meds have been given, and for the moment, we're still tired and sore but pretty happy.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's good to see you had a peaceful day and all is well. Like the new gate.

mamie said...

Rafer Johnson looks like he's doing just fine. I'm glad you had a peaceful day after the hectic week.

the7msn said...

Your Saturday sounds a whole lot better than your Friday. I'm glad things are back to normal. I told George and Alan about Rafer's "procedure." They asked me to pass along their good wishes for a speedy recovery.

billie said...

Arlene, keep your fingers crossed for the joint injections - Salina is no better today, and while the vet said that could be the case, I'm so hoping this does the trick.

Mamie, he seems to feel okay. He has some swelling but that's normal and he's eating and drinking and running, as you can see!

Linda, infinitely better, but still a ways to go for Salina. I am incredibly sore in the arms, which makes me think that when Salina went over me so suddenly, she must have jerked both my arms with her (I was holding her with both hands). Thanks so much to George and Alan. Their good wishes mean a lot.

Victoria Cummings said...

I want a gate like that from my pasture to my corral. Maybe your husband could convince my husband that it's a good idea. I wonder if some Arnica would help Salina - do you have a homopathic vet near you? These injuries take a long time to heal - Silk twisted her suspensory ligament once and it took 6 months to get back to normal. It looks like you're having a lovely green Spring at last.

billie said...

Victoria, this gate has been on my list for awhile - we installed the second one yesterday, at the back of the arena. Now we just need to get the quote for the big wooden farm gate for the front entrance!

I've been giving Salina Zeel tablets every night thus far. Zeel is a homeopathic blend made especially for arthritis, in lower potencies, and arnica is the second ingredient.

Our homeopathic vet will do a work-up - I'm waiting until after tomorrow to call him as I want to get our trimmer's impressions into the mix as well.

We've discussed the possibility of an injury to the ligament - at this point I don't know what to "hope for" with all this - the longer recovery time will be hardest, but at least we are here all day and have the set-up to keep her comfortable and with company she loves.

We are full-blown spring here and heading quickly into summer! We had to mow several areas yesterday that we usually let the horses graze - we have too much green grass for these easy keepers!