Friday, April 08, 2016

the mystical-kit, congestive heart failure, update

This week has been a bit crazy here on November Hill. We've been visiting Mystic daily, supervising the construction of the fabulous front porch cat haven, and I've had two days of ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) training this week so it's been a challenge to keep up with everything.

Thankfully Mystic has improved every single day since Monday. He was on a ventilator for two days and although he responded well and fast in terms of blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, etc., obviously being on a respirator is a tenuous place to be for a cat. We were cautiously optimistic but also trying to keep ourselves prepared should things take a downward turn.

We got news today that he improved so much between our visit last night and today they are going to send him home tomorrow unless something comes up tonight for him. Since last night he's eating an drinking on his own and able to stand and walk, is alert, and the residual grogginess after the ventilator was removed has faded.

They also did a new ultrasound of his heart today and said there appears to be much less damage there than they originally thought. So overall, the prognosis is even better than it was a few days ago.

He'll come home with a couple of oral meds to a quiet recuperation space (we are well prepared for this upstairs in his domain) and lots of love and grateful hearts that he made it through this.

Once I get through the weekend I'm going to take photos of the cat haven - the tunnel from front porch to back yard is about halfway done - it will be completed on Monday. It is absolutely fabulous. The carpenter and his assistants took my ideas and made them happen in an even better way than I expected. I can't wait to see cats figuring out they can go from front to back through their own private highway. :)

Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts, prayers, light, and love. I have absolutely no doubt that all of that played a huge part in his recovery. Big hugs from me to you. 

And a couple of favorite Mystic photos - finally had a moment to go into files and pull them out!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Great news!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's great news! So glad he's doing better and is Abe to come home. I'm sure once he's with his family he will improve even more. Can't wait to see the cat haven.

billie said...

We spent an hour with him tonight in the visiting room - us on the floor, Mystic in our laps, purring, gazing into our eyes, grooming. It was SO nice to see him so much better and knowing tomorrow we'll bring him home.

I can't wait to photo the cat haven!

billie said...

Thanks, A and C - we are thrilled!!

Portia said...

So glad to hear this!

billie said...

We're so happy - the change from last night to tonight was just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great news!! I'm so glad Mystic is better and coming home. It's such good news about a better prognosis as well.

The cat haven sounds so intriguing. I look forward to seeing your photos in the future.

I apologise for failing to give my name on your last post; I'm Carol from Scotland.

billie said...

Hi, Carol! And thank you - I appreciate you checking in. And I can't wait to share the photos. It's so so cool. :)