Friday, April 15, 2016

Busy busy busy - stay tuned for cat haven photos

Today got away from me. Mystic had a follow-up appointment with his cardiologist and it took much longer than I thought it would. He's actually doing great and his doctor is very happy with his progress. However, now that he's home and clear of all the meds that were being used to stabilize him after the heart failure last week, it's clear that he will need to be on the full set of medications to maintain his progress.

Since he's been taking his meds in food there's not been any stress involved so I hope we can manage with these new pills the same way. He's gained a full pound since coming home and they're thrilled with that. We're going to keep rolling with 3 meals a day.

I also had a deadline for a submission that snuck up on me and when we got home I went to the barn, hung out with the herd for awhile, gave some hay, and then dashed back in to get to work.

Just hit submit on that and now the light isn't good for cat haven photos.

So - hope to get that series of posts rolling on Monday.

On with April and the long string of birthdays we celebrate this month! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Mystic sounds like he's doing very well. I'm so happy to hear that. Will be waiting for the cat haven pics. Has he tried it out yet?

billie said...

OH, yes - the porch is a favorite place for all the cats, but the tunnel is a huge success. They all love being able to go from front porch to back yard. :)