Saturday, April 02, 2016

spring greening

took this a few days ago, before the two rains we've since had. The amount of greening that has happened just since the rain is mind-boggling! The herd is keeping busy and I'm doing daily scraping of horse hair off bodies, checking for ticks (Keil Bay sported the first one of the season and I've pulled another one off him plus one off Cody), and trying my best to keep water troughs clean of pollen.

The front porch construction of the cat-proof screens and cat tunnel to the back yard begins on Tuesday and is projected to take two days to complete. I can't wait to see them explore this new area and regain the use of our front porch. Hopefully the pollen will have wrapped up by then.

I've harrowed the arena once and need to do it again tomorrow to get the footing back in shape. Garden is in process, I'm working on using saplings we thinned out to make a wooden fence around the garden and hopefully learn how to do it so I can tackle some larger projects with larger saplings. 

As usual I have a few too many projects underway. I seem to have launched into springtime projects instead of spring cleaning this year!

Tell me what's going on in your backyard right now. 


Anonymous said...

Snow showers and wind chills in the 20s . . . not quite spring here yet . . . and the mud . . .

billie said...

Wow, Kate - hang in there!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It pays to live in a warmer climate! We had snow last night and high winds. Not much but enough to be annoying. I'm hoping my plants won't die. They were just sprouting. And yet on Friday it was 75 degrees. So the weather is a mystery to me.

Sounds like you're well on your way into Spring with all your projects. Have fun with them.

billie said...

We're well into spring but last night the temp went down to 39 and I see a low of 29 coming up this week. I think the veggies in the garden beds will be fine but I'm going to have to bring the seedlings still in pots inside for that!

Snow! All of you up north be patient. Spring has to be coming soon up there.