Monday, April 11, 2016

I missed some November Hill birthdays!! First let's celebrate Cody!

This is one of my favorite photos of Cody, our newly-13-year-old QH. It is out of season for us living on November Hill but for many of you it may be exactly what you're seeing out your windows this spring.

Cody came to us when he was coming 3 years old. He's been a wonderful addition to the herd here. My son rode him lightly the first couple of years and as he matured he had regular training rides with our trainer at the time, with me, and with my daughter as she started growing. He's done some Pony Club stuff with my daughter and mostly combined training work. Once we assured him we didn't expect the contracted, pinched Western Pleasure way of going that he'd originally been taught (at age 2!) he opened up and now uses his body in a beautiful way.

Cody is calm and steady for the most part, but in other ways he is my "problem horse." Only in the sense that he has PSSM and I have had to scramble to learn a lot about diet and nutrition and the way muscles work inside the equine body. Because of Cody I learned how to balance the equine diets individually and I've learned a lot more than I ever knew about bringing a horse into work and creating a routine that facilitates soundness under saddle and over time.

Cody was the horse chosen to babysit Rafer Johnson's first night here - Salina was over the top with mama love so she needed a day to settle down!

Cody is Keil Bay's best friend, Redford's most eager playmate, and the one equine who will play with the pony without getting too annoyed at his antics.

Years back when the neighbors shot off fireworks and the rest of this herd (including me) were running around like crazy it was Cody who walked to the middle of the arena and stood enjoying the show.

He's a wonderful horse. Responsive and sensitive under saddle, always eager to please. And now he's a teenager! Happy Birthday Cody!! We look forward to many years to come. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Cody! He sounds like a wonderful guy who is very sensible and sweet with a lot of character. The time goes by so fast doesn't it?

billie said...

Arlene, he definitely is. He makes me laugh the way he trots around tossing his head, inviting his buddies to play. He can get very fancy with his movement and it's then I really think I should be riding him more and enjoying his gaits. I can't believe he's 13. The day's flew by.

Anonymous said...

His picture really shows his sweet personality. Happy birthday!

billie said...

Thanks, Kate. Your two boys always make me think of Cody - big red QH geldings. :)