Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Proud mom, physics, and nanowires!

I'm so proud of my son's passion for physics and his ability to take complex material and make it accessible. Check out this video of his presentation on the research he's involved in right now at UNCA. It's compelling in terms of the content and I also love the fact that his professors have become mentors for him in his undergraduate career. Dr. Perkins is a terrific professor - I've sat in on one of his classes and enjoyed his teaching style, his expertise, and his engagement with students. 

Dylan Cromer's presentation of undergraduate research at UNCA on Apr 7, 2016

Computational Modeling of Surface Enhancement in Ferroelectric Lithographic Nanowires


OR, watch right here:


Grey Horse Matters said...

Very impressive! You should be very proud of him. Of course, this is mostly way over my head but that's okay. He really gave a good presentation.

He's also a very handsome boy, I'm sure he looks just like his mom!

billie said...

He's so passionate about math and physics - it makes me happy to see him finding his place in the world and enjoying his studies! I'm not sure he looks like me - he is so tall! I see a little of me in there - he looks quite a lot like my maternal grandfather's family. :)