Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A little plug for my novel claire-obscure, with a link to a DigitalBook Today interview

I haven't plugged my books in a long while here, as I've been focusing almost entirely on writing and editing and not marketing.

Recently I decided to enter claire-obscure in a first novel contest and that has me thinking about it again. I know many regular readers were early supporters and I thank you for that!

If you're a newer reader or first-time visitor you might enjoy checking it out:

For everyone, I may not have linked to this interview I did for Digital Book Today about writing claire-obscure:

If you do read the novel and enjoy it, I hope you'll leave reviews on GoodReads and Amazon or the venue of your choice. Reviews help so much!

Thanks and I'll be back to part 2 of the cat haven construction tomorrow.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good luck with the contest and everything else concerning the novel.

billie said...

Thanks so much!! I appreciate your support.