Thursday, October 15, 2009

rainy days and donkeys

We're into a string of rainy, cool days, and the donkey boys are getting so tired of it. This morning when I went out, I found halters and lead ropes strewn throughout the barn.

The blue barrel that operates like a sort of sink beneath the water pump had been emptied and shoved against the barn doors.

Brushes were tossed about.

The step ladder had been knocked over.

A bucket of plastic flowers and pinwheels (for decorating jumps) had been emptied.

And in the middle stall, quite a large hole had been dug in one corner.

It was quite a mess out there!

Last night I brought the geldings into the arena to give them some exercise before setting them up with hay for the night. The donkeys let themselves in as well and suddenly there was a horse/donkey stampede.

Keil Bay went into his big bold Bay mode and took off after the donkeys. Then Cody got into the act, and the pony was bucking and kicking right behind them.

I couldn't stand it. The donkeys were in the lead but it was just too scary. As Rafer Johnson approached the gate, I opened it out into the barnyard, giving him room to run right through, which he did. Redford stayed in the midst of the stampede for another half-lap, and then saw that Rafer had escaped, so he ran for the open gate to join him.

Salina was in the barnyard with me, tsk tsking away at the silly boys.

Meanwhile, the oak trees are dropping acorns like mad, and I'm spending time each day raking them, mucking them out of the fields, and in some areas mixing horse manure into them in an effort to keep the equines from eating too many.

Where are all the squirrels when you need them?

(I'm almost afraid to answer that, since we've been finding squirrel remains in our barnyard of late)

Otherwise, the gray wet days are perfect for reading books, writing, and eating pumpkin pancakes with hot cocoa on the side.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to hear the little donkeys escaped unharmed in the stampede. It sounds a bit scary. They are really bored I guess or they wouldn't be making such a mess of the barn.

We've been having the same rainy day scenario too mixed with a slight bit of snow yesterday. In October, this is crazy!

Wish I had the chance to read or write but there's too many obligations waiting for me. Those pumpkin pancakes sound good, I'll have to look for a recipe someday. Stay cozy.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, You have me drooling between he cool, rainy days and the pumpkin pancakes. Mmmm...nothing sounds better. Although I guess your crew would disagree with that statement, from the sound of things!!! How many curse words did you let fly when you walked into that mess?! At least it's good blog fodder!

billie said...

I'm happy to report that the sun is out, both fields and one paddock are open, and the donkey boys are taking advantage of every square foot as they gallop from one end of the front field to the very back fence line and then around again.

I think I'm nuts but when I see evidence of donkey shenanigans in the barn, it just makes me laugh.

They are so incredibly sweet it's hard to get grumpy with them for entertaining themselves!

Jane said...

You had me at the title: Rainy Days and Donkeys. The song went through my head...Rainy days and Donkeys alwaaaays get me....(I'm not willing to put in "down")?

So cute. I love the quadrupeds with the long ears, from mules to rabbits. :) Glad it all worked out all right!

billie said...

Jane, the moment I thought up that title I couldn't wait to type it in.

If I were more talented I'd write a new song. :)

ponymaid said...

Billie, Rainy days and Donkeys are always an interesting mix. Jack and I have done some of our most creative work on those days. I'm glad to see the boys are plumbing the depths of their inner, artistic donkey. I think what they're creating is actually installation art but is seen by humans as barn wrecking. Once we're under the spell of the muse, one thing just seems to lead to another, and it always ends up with us digging a hole. I have a feeling they greatly enjoyed participating in the stampede.

billie said...

Now, see? Sheaffer has come and illuminated perfectly what I could not quite explain.

Yes, it is installation art! Exactly that!

And I'm sure digging a hole is connected to the creative process.

I am also quite interested in your sense that the donkey boys had fun running madly with big horses. They were not scared - I was!

Next time I might let them have two laps instead of just the one. :)

Anonymous said...

ha! bored little boys will be bad boys - two or four legged.

good luck with the writing. loved the note about your daughter being your editor.

am so envious of your being able to go on retreat. kudos to your family for being there to fill in your shoes.

and a ghost room to stay in! wow! perhaps he is making suggestions for your writing via the little presents.



billie said...

Thanks, Deborah. It's good to get away, especially to such a rich environment.