Thursday, October 01, 2009


The last afternoon in September I let all the equines in from the front field and we gathered in the barnyard. They circled around the big hay bale to munch. Keil Bay helpfully spread it out so there was room for six.

I had red wine instead of white, and Dickens was warm in my lap until the sounds of a squirrel drew him to the woods' edge.

By six you could feel a chill to the air.

Last night it got down into the 40s and my daughter came in from her night ride shivering. I closed the windows and we slept with the quilt on the bed.

All things on earth point home in old October: sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to
field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.

- Thomas Wolfe


Michelle said...

Beautiful, Billie! I am right there with you...

billie said...

Glad for the company! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

A beautiful start to October. I do love this time of year. We are in Maine right now on the ocean and it is absolutely gorgeous here.

I very much liked that saying at the end of the post.

ponymaid said...

Billie, I think I like your southern version of October better. Just north of here had snow last night...I look forward to the predicted Indian Summer, though I harbour doubts as to the accuracy of any weather forcasts. We much enjoyed the last bit on your blog entry - very well chosen.

billie said...

Oh, Arlene, I hope you'll post some photos of Maine by the sea on your blog. It sounds wonderful!

billie said...

Sheaffer, every time I note the cold now I instantly think of you and how I could probably subtract about 40 degrees and that's where your thermometer is.

We enjoy this season so much. I am hoping it stretches into a long autumn for us here.