Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Epona TV releases full 10-minute uncut video of Patrik Kittel riding Scandic in warm-up at World Cup

I've decided to put this here because so many people are coming by the blog, after googling to find more info on this video and Rollkur.

If you're not sure what you think of this issue, watch the video. Watch the entire thing.

Anky says top athletes do exercises. Put yourself into a pseudo-yoga pose that is not natural and uncomfortable. This pose should inhibit your ability to see as well as breathe properly. And you have to walk and run while doing it. Hold yourself there for 10 minutes. To get the full effect, have someone ELSE hold you there for 10 minutes. Tell them that if you resist, they should spur you on in a sensitive area of your body, because, after all, this is fun, and this is what you have to do to win.

Even that doesn't capture what these horses are enduring. To do that, we'd have to put ourselves into the same posture while allowing a dentist to do an uncomfortable painful procedure at the same time.

If you feel this is good horsemanship, carry on.

If not, write the FEI. Boycott venues that allow this type of warm-up. Don't buy Anky's many products. Don't go to clinics where this is taught.

Sign the petition. (both - there are two circulating right now that I know of)

Addresses and a link to the petition are further down on this blog, and also easily searchable online.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That's disgusting. He should have this horse taken away from him for the abuse he's making it endure. The worst part of this is probably that he knows about all the flack over this session and he doesn't care or see anything wrong with it. He should be horse whipped for this treatment of a wonderful horse.

We've all got to get on board and start protesting this treatment of horses. By the way I would never purchase anything that Anky or any of these other riders endorse. I wouldn't buy a product even if I thought I needed it. Not a nickel of mine will go in their pockets or their sponsors coffers.

We've all got to sign the petitions and get more vocal and protest the allowance of Rollkur in any way, shape or form.

billie said...

I agree, Arlene - which is why I continue to post these videos. All I can say is that the Facebook group has 2000 members now, and the two petitions currently running have nearly 3000 signatures combined.

This blog is being linked in forums around the world (I think b/c a lot of the info is in one place and thus easy to scroll through quickly).

Best of all, I noticed this morning that someone has linked to the Klimke video post I did awhile back, as an example of what dressage should be. I'm heartened by that.

Anonymous said...

What has happened since? It seems to all have gone very quiet??? The FEI seems to have stuck their heads in the sand, hoping that this ugly situation will go away!! And lets face it: it's not just the riders mentioned above who treat their horses in this way. There are a few other horses at the top at the moment who has been subjected to the same demeaning "training". Those who are educated in how horses should move will know exactly whom I'm refering to. I really feel riders who do this to horses should be banned from international competition. You wouldn't get away with this kind of treatment to any other animal in racing or showing, so why should horses be subjected to this kind of treatment. It is cruelty through fatigue (in my opinion -I don't fancy getting sued, people who don't care about animals generally don't care about which people they step on either). And with all due respect to all /any military organisation/institutions through the ages, we have all seen how the method of cruelty through fatigue has been used through the ages to break prisoners of war (stress positions, water torture, sensory deprivation). And now we applaud this treatment of horses. In my view: anybody who applauds these riders, give them a 10 for an unnatural forced trot or buys their products are just as guilty as the riders themselves. And I feel the FEI are not enforcing their own rules... and that sucks.
Its time the stand up and take some real public action. The petitions has been signed. How long do we still have to wait for action? Or are we waiting for a horrific public (I'm sure those who broke down privately ended up at the knacker man) breakdown of one of these animals before anything is done?

billie said...

Anon, it is indeed frustrating.

There are a number of places online where folks are strategizing and discussing.

Heather Moffett's Blue Tongue Facebook page is one of them. The online magazine Horses For Life has continued to provide info in their most recent issue.

I think keeping our eyes on various top riders' websites and videos at least lets them know we're watching, and in some cases they remove the "evidence" - so at this point probably a good idea to secure the incriminating info first, then put it out there for all to see.

This is a societal issue. Many things will have to change to create an environment where these kinds of cruelties are not accepted.

Take photos and videos, speak out when you see something terrible being done. Every time you buy a product, look to see if that company sponsors anyone who rides this way, and find an alternative place to spend your money.

Sylvia Loch recently put out a newsletter speaking out for kind, light riding. We all need to throw our public support strongly behind the horsepeople who are speaking out against this issue. The riders and trainers need to see that the folks who ride with compassion and kindness get the business.

Unfortunately, this will not be a quick shift, but I believe it will be quicker if we stick with it, even when it feels like nothing is happening.

Thanks for your comment. I hope others read it and get inspired to do something/do more.