Thursday, October 29, 2009

and meanwhile, back on the hill

We had some rain, and now we're having sunshine. The fall color is brilliant, and this morning a breeze is blowing, which causes sudden explosions of color as leaves fly through the air and to the ground.

The effect is like being inside a snow globe, but even better. An autumn leaf globe.

There has been all sorts of activity going on. Acorn patrol, cats shifting their routines, a few incidents of high feline drama as their paths cross in the house, and a Corgi who has resumed full Corgi energy, which means her voice is heard in many of the ongoing conversations around here.

We have firewood in various states of cure and sizes in the backyard. The woodstove has been checked over and fired up at least a few times already.

We haven't had weather down to freezing yet, but when we do the front porch plants and tree will need to move back inside for the winter.

At the barn there is a buzz of energy. Donkeys into everything, pony getting the a.m. race back into gear, lots of mud rolling this week, which is a bear to get off the heavier coats they all have.

Salina's wonderful Whinny Warmers have already been unpacked and used once.

I have clean fly masks ready to go into storage, and am considering unpacking horse blankets. It's not quite time to use them, but that one night will spring on us out of nowhere. That's just how quickly the weather shifts here.

Husband found a mouse trying to burrow from the outside in to the barn. Daughter found a lizard in my bathroom. Lots of small creatures seem to be looking for winter digs.

I'm thinking about winter soups and good books, sweaters and warm breeches, and imagining those mornings when feeding horses breakfast also means breaking ice on troughs. We don't have too much of that here, generally, but lots of folks are predicting a cold winter. On a horse farm, you know it's really winter when mucking suddenly has audio.

Today though, it's cool but not cold, on a canvas of color that still includes summer green. We're on that rich edge where two seasons still mix together. Which usually means the best of both.


Michelle said...

Enjoy your last reminders of summer before the barren winter sets in! Funny, there must have been a turn - I have been reading on so many sites these past few days about winter and cold and snow. I feel so dissociated from that here, especially since we're still having near record high temps! It doesn't feel at all like November is knocking on my door.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Lovely descriptions of the goings on at November Hill. We're starting to get the blankets ready too... you never know. We've had some cold nights but mostly with rain. The leaves haven't all fallen yet so we still have some color. I don't think I'm quite ready for winter yet, but have decided this year to take it one day at a time. Tomorrow it's off to the pre-school Halloween party, with the little ones. So that should be fun.

billie said...

Michelle, we had a cold spell but have come back to more seasonal temps. It's so clearly fall though, with the color and the changes. I love it.

billie said...

Arlene, have fun at the Halloween party - I know that will be a wonderful way to end the week, with all the cute costumes and goodies they'll have.

ponymaid said...

Billie, no leaves left here except in puddles in the mud. We donkeys prefer them dry and crunchy. I hope your two lads are enjoying their idyllic days amongst the golden leaves...

billie said...

Sheaffer, every morning there is a horse race and a donkey run. I think they all love hearing those leaves crunch underneath their hooves. And of course the slight chill to the air is like a tonic after the long, hot summer.

Although the donkeys don't seem to mind the heat one bit! But I think they celebrate the end of the little pesky gnats and things.