Monday, October 12, 2009

dressage in a rope halter - beautiful

I love the way the horse looks in the mouth, head, neck, and notice the quiet tail. No swishing!

As far as I'm concerned this is what dressage should be. If you need to use the bit some for training, fine, but if a horse can do this without the bit, why ever put it back in his mouth?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Very nice ride. The simpler we can keep things the better I always say.

billie said...

There are some blips, and he seems very 'up' - but I do really love how his head is his own - he's not being held back or put into a frame with two bits in his mouth, nor is she spurring him every stride.

And it's marked how quiet his tail is. I think we've gotten so used to seeing the swishing tails we almost think it's normal.

I realize this horse has been trained with a bridle and bit - and is not perfect - but it's exciting to me to see the rope halter and reins in combination with that dressage saddle. :)

Jane said...

I find this very exciting. I like that it's not 'perfect', partly because he's free to use his body (with help) and partly because there is not one point where he is behind the vertical, or "nodding". the "reins" do not even come off the side pieces of the halter. This rider is really riding off her seat.

The bad news is now I want to try it!

Thanks for putting this up, I'll be passing it along!

billie said...

You're welcome, Jane. I love it for the same reasons. The horse is a partner, not captive.

ponymaid said...

Billie, that is magnificent - almost worthy to be called donkey dressage!

billie said...

Sheaffer, I agree!

Speaking of donkey dressage, we had some airs above the ground this morning when I came out of the feed room with a feed tub in arms and did a huge sneeze. Rafer went airborne!

He already had his tub, so I'm not sure what he was thinking.