Wednesday, October 07, 2009

where we are

After two rainy days, we had a lovely sunny one today with a nice breeze. I'm not sure about the rest of the family but I have only cried one time today - I think the weather has mirrored our mood since Sunday, and the blue sky this morning helped.

Kyra was very subdued Sunday, Monday, and most of yesterday. She spent some time by the trampoline across the yard, staring at Chase's grave. She spent a fair amount of time under my daughter's bed. She was not barking at anything.

Late yesterday afternoon she seemed to come back to life. She stayed with us downstairs, she began to bark at the usual things again (to play, at cats, at noises outside the house/yard), and she settled down in Chase's spot by my bed at bedtime.

Today she spent an hour lying right by Chase, as close to his mounded grave as she could get. It was so sweet - as if she just needed to be with him for awhile. But she was happy to come to the barnyard this evening on her leash, which she eventually pulled out of (and it's a harness, not the regular collar!) so we are starting to see the spunky Kyra-girl again, and it's such a relief.

Tonight she's chased Moomintroll, barked at Muffine Eloise for running in the house, and is in and out of the doggie door which is much more her normal routine.

Fortunately her appetite has remained the same throughout, but seeing her perk up is helping all of us.


Anonymous said...

oh billie my heart is breaking.

Dougie Donk said...

Ah, that is good news! Animals are so much more resiliant than humans & I'm sure they know that their friends are no longer in discomfort.

Hope you can take comfort from her very strong message that she is sad, but ok.

Also hope to brighten you up soon with some of the library of Dougie Donk photos that I've been building up :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm happy to hear that Kyra is starting to act like her old self again.
Losing a member of the family is so hard on everyone but especially hard on their canine companions.

When we lost our dog Jake, Molly who was his constant companion was so distraught she wouldn't eat for a long time and just moped around. She finally came out of her grief but it took her a long while.

Even though there are many tears and sorrows because Chase is gone, I hope you can all get past your grief soon. I know how hard this can be and it's easier said than done, but it does happen with time.

Feel better.

billie said...

Ours too, Kim, but it's getting easier.

billie said...

Dougie Donk photos will definitely make us happy - send when ready!!

billie said...

Arlene, I'm relieved that Kyra has not yet had issues with appetite - I think in this case, she has lived with Chase getting less active just as we have, and instead of being her constant companion he was resting more, so she has been slowly acclimating to life without him.

But the barking thing was interesting. Even if he was resting, if he heard her bark downstairs or outside, he would answer from where he was.

I almost wonder if she stopped barking because she couldn't bear not to hear him respond.

We're moving on, little by little.

ponymaid said...

Oh Billie, such hard times but you are all supporting each other. We donkeys are not supposed to care for dogs but when our Alsatian died at age 15 this place was very sad for a long time. I knew her all my life. Penny came along when we needed her and she needed us. We still miss Duchess and think of her all the time but the happy memories outweigh the sad ones now.

billie said...

Thank you, Sheaffer - you are right that time will fade this sadness and leave us with the best memories of Chase.

I think in some ways we are lucky b/c we still have Kyra. She is giving us lots of help and comfort.

I'm glad to hear that Penny found you all at just the right time. I don't doubt something similar will happen with us when the times is right.

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that Kyra didn't lose her appetite, and is adjusting.

With deepest sympathy,

billie said...

Thanks, Wendy. She was actually outside last night doing her usual barking at the night-time wildlife, which is very much normal.

She still seems subdued to me, but that may be just the effect of one Corgi versus two.

The two of them together were always exponential.

Michelle said...

I'm glad Kyra is feeling a bit better these days. Corgis are such fun and lively dogs, it must be like double heartbreak to lose Chase and then watch Kyra suffer. I've been down that road - not fun. Hope the blues skies have continued for you today.

jme said...

oh, billie, i am so sorry for your loss. i am just now catching up after having been completely away from the blogosphere, and i am so sad to hear the news. this made me cry. as if the loss of an animal friend is not it hard enough on we humans, it always breaks my heart to see the other animals struggling to come to terms. i am glad everyone seems to be finding their path through the grief and that kyra in particular is getting back to herself. it sounds like chase was an amazing friend to human and animal and a very wise soul.

billie said...

Thank you, Michelle. You're so right about Corgis - they have such a spark. I'm glad Kyra is getting hers back.

billie said...

jme, thank you... it's good to see you again here!

I'm so relieved to be able to say that Kyra is back to her usual spunky self. We are still feeling ripples, but the initial grief has ebbed a bit.