Monday, October 26, 2009

Anky explains Rollkur, in response to the fervor over this training method

About as soon as I hit publish for my previous post, this came down the pike.

"I don't have a clue" sums it up for me.


the7msn said...

In any language, it's wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong.

Grey Horse Matters said...

While watching this and listening to her, I formed the comment "I don't have a clue" in my head, only to see that you had said the same thing. Well she doesn't have a clue and time flies while she's having fun abusing her horses. What an a**! And I don't' mean a cute little donkey.

Anonymous said...

Sad times for competition horses, indeed...and all the people who emulate the training methods. Unbelievable the way these things unfold.

Appreciated the video showint the horse resisting and being brought back into line...sure - a horse won't do what it doesn't want to, unless its learned that it has to do what it's being asked...resistance is futile.

billie said...

It was interesting that while Anky was saying the horses don't mind the Rollkur, the horse on the video was fighting it and had to be spurred forward.

There's a lot of discussion going on now about what judges think is "good" dressage. I'm starting to think they all need a remedial course in what is reasonable and normal.

I'm somewhat heartened by the fact that so many people are coming by here to read this material.

Maybe Scandic has not suffered in vain.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a book that's a guide to competition dressage - for judges and riders...very interesting lack of these kind of techniques and forms. Published in 2003, the book Dressage - a guideline for riders and judges by Wolfgang Niggli: "There has been a trend in recent years for trainers and riders to advocate the bringing of the horses head behind the verticle. The argument is that this stretches the horse's back. Whether or not this is appropriate for training, if it is seen in a dressage test it must be penalized." He then references the FEI rules.

However, in various places he outlines correct training to build musculature, suppleness, and lightness...not once suggesting that any horse be ridden behind the vertical.

There is a lot of movement on the subject - I've seen various groups on facebook, and other references speaking out against these kind of training methods, but it comes down to dollars. As long as there are prizes of top money in this organization which attracts corporate sponsorship, and these riders continue to place in the tops of their field, then the methods will continue.

To combat it there has to be a concerted effort - either by withdrawing from the FEI and related organizations altogether and setting up another organization, and or withdrawing support from the companies and competitions as you've been outlining. The best way to change the organization from within would be for non-rolkur types to win and win again...which considering the judging fad may not be possible.

Anyway, that's probably way more opinion on the subject than anyone needed from me. :)But I feel better for having said it.

billie said...

The FEI standards wrt dressage are being blatantly ignored by judges, who are rewarding incorrect riding with blue ribbons.

Thanks for writing your piece, Wendy. If more people realize this is NOT dressage, and actively give voice to their concerns, and stop paying money to see/train/etc. this method, it will go down the tubes.

ponymaid said...

This Anky woman is condemned from her very own mouth - she insists over and over that she is clueless. I for one believe her.

billie said...

Sheaffer, she would have been better off saying she had no comment. As it is, you're right - she condemns herself and states the obvious in the same sentence.

jme said...

all of the above. boy, she sounds like a real moron. she totally incriminates herself with that thin justification. clearly she hasn't thought it through, and probably isn't capable of that level of thought. sad, really. but i guess all that matters to people like that is that they can justify it to themselves. how else could you live with yourself, unless you had that kind of psychological cover? it's the emotional and moral equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying 'nah, nah, nah, nah, i can't hear you!"

billie said...

jme, it still blows my mind that anyone looks up to her. I don't see the appeal, at all.