Thursday, March 12, 2009

a dulcet day

Today was much cooler than yesterday, but the predicted rain never happened, and in fact, the sun was shining, so horses and donkeys and humans and cats and dogs all enjoyed the middle ground of sunshine without sweat, a slight breeze without chill, and ground that was just about perfect in its moisture level. No mud, not rock hard.

My daughter and I took the core of a round bale out to the back field this morning and unrolled it, so the hay would last all day long. The only time anyone came back to the barn was Salina to get her lunch, and Cody to get a ride.

I spent a portion of the morning straightening up the tack and feed room, another portion bringing up more items from the garage (from my office), and late in the afternoon went out to get horses organized for the evening.

The donkeys decided to have an all-out rampage, running all over the back field, up to the paddock, where they dodged Salina who was attempting to settle them down with that mama mare head toss. She decided to let them go, and meandered over to the fence to gaze at the front field, which is resting until April and every day looks greener and more appealing.

Mystic went up the oak tree by the barn, and Dickens sat below gazing up at him.

My daughter was riding Cody in the arena and my husband had arrived home from work.

Salina went into alert mode and I walked to the gate to see what was up. The shavings man had arrived with a new load, and we all watched with relief as he dumped it in our pile. There's a long rainy weekend coming and I had wanted the stalls set up with deep new shavings ahead of that. The worst chore to do on a rainy day is putting in shavings. But not doing them if they're needed is worse.

My husband loaded shavings in the wheelbarrow, I spread them, and my daughter filled hay nets while Cody grazed in the barnyard, a treat after his ride.

Horses are fed and watered now. Round bales are covered. The stalls are soft and deep and clean tonight, the shavings pile is covered with a brand new tarp, and the rain can come as it will.


Anonymous said...

The stalls looked so beautiful with all those lovely fresh new shavings. I couldn't help but smile as the equines marched into them.

billie said...

They felt so soft and thick I was tempted to lie down and take a nap!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your barn sounds as if it runs like a well oiled machine. How wonderful that everyone helps to get the chores done.
The rest of the day, weather wise, seems idyllic also. Hope the rains aren't too bad.

jme said...

sounds like a perfect day! despite the cold, yesterday and today are sunny and i was able to accomplish a few extra chores yesterday after work. i have more projects planned for the weekend if the weather holds out! such a feeling of relief to see the sun again and watch everything beginning to thaw...

i do love freshly bedded stalls, especially before a storm. even better is seeing peaceful horses snoozing in them... kinda makes me want to curl up in them myself ;-)

billie said...

On our good days, Arlene - but we have the other kind too. :)

billie said...

jme, it must be nice coming home with some daylight left!

We've got rain today and it looks like all weekend, so I've been doing musical stalls today, rotating everyone around the barn so they all get some time in each 'area.'

It seems to keep them from getting too antsy.

daringtowrite said...

Sounds like such a wonderful life you have created with your family and friends. Lots of hard work for sure, but I suspect the hard work is also what makes it all so fulfilling. Unless, of course, I'm just projecting my own enjoyment of your circumstances onto you. :)

billie said...

You're right - the hard work does make it fulfilling, although we all here have our days when we need a break! Fortunately there are enough of us to make that happen. :)