Monday, March 09, 2009


And not the kind that comes with lots of rain in a short period of time!

This is just one of those days when my perspective has gone wonky and I feel like there is NO WAY I will ever be able to get all the things done that seem to be front and center on my pile of things to do.

I would like to ride Keil Bay. Laundry is piled way up. My desk is a monstrosity of things to be done, none of them boring yucky things, and yet there are so many I can't sort out where to begin.

Edits to do, a pony story to continue, my equine nutrition class homework, which involves using a more accurate calculation to get a better estimate of their weights, so that I can begin to figure out how many Mcals they need in a day based on weight, personality, age, and amount of work. A very practical bit of homework that will involve some time. Client paperwork.

A load of furniture to configure. Boxes to unpack. Shelves to empty and then fill. The regular chores of the day.

Part of this is that I never really "caught up" last week, and now everything is snowballing. Or so it seems.

The thing I have to remember is that tomorrow I'll wake up and most of the same things will be calling to me, but the voices won't be as loud, and my sense of it all will have shifted.

Could be spring fever. Could be a hormonal blip. Could be brain chemistry.

In any case, I am going to do the next load of laundry, print out some client forms, and then decide what will come next. One task at a time.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Must be laundry day around the country. Just got back from the dentist(always one of my favorite things to do). Have a ton of things to do on my desk too and don't know where to start. My motto usually is - slow and steady wins the race. But for now, I'm going to have lunch and thing about what's next...

billie said...

Arlene, it's obvious to me I'm going to have to give up a few of my ideals today and follow your lead. Slow and steady... :)

Wenda said...

I've been experiencing similar feelings of being swamped or overwhelmed lately and I have a mostly free from work now to catch up on the other priorities. Still, like you I sometimes have to just a load of laundry, or a sink of dishes and wait for the feelings to shift.

Maddy said...

I just want to say that I continue to love your postings. They are part of my morning "meditation" and I look forward to them each day.
Thank you much!

billie said...

Hi, Wenda,

It's always funny to me how the mind can have such a potent feeling and then the next day, in the exact same scenario, a different one.

I worked my way through loads of laundry, some paperwork, and weight-taping then measuring all the horses for numbers to plug into a new weight calc spreadsheet I have, and did several more chores before it was time to go to my office.

By the time I was in the bathtub to clean up, I had completely become un-swamped, and although there is still tons of stuff to do around here, I feel back to my usual way of thinking about that.

billie said...

Maddy, that's so kind, and I appreciate it. It means a lot to read it here.

jme said...

ugh! for me it's been the change of the clocks on top of everything else. it's been a crazy few days and i'm still swamped too, with a million projects calling me. i'm here reading in part to tune them out ;-) escapism. i regret that i haven't had the time to catch up much with any reading this last week. is it too early in the week to be looking forward to the weekend?

billie said...

Ha, re: looking for the weekend already!

I'm getting ready to head back out and work on stalls, but first I need to keep that laundry going. It never ends! I used to do laundry ONCE PER WEEK when I was young and single.

Redford is out there honking b/c Rafer has gone on a donkey sabbatical to the round bale. :)