Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and now, fog

We woke up this morning to dense fog, so thick our neighboring houses were not visible. It felt like we were on top of a mountain here, very isolated from the outside world.

I kind of like that.

My husband took my camera out when he opened the back gate for the horses, and got a few photos of the herd in the fog.

I think personalities become pretty clear, even when surrounded by fog.

Keil Bay and Apache Moon go about business as usual. Eating tops pretty much any weather event.

Cody follows more slowly, looking like a spotted horse because of the shavings he's wearing. A young man needs his beauty rest!

Salina is ready to head out, but is held back by the donkeys. Redford is ready to go too, but can't quite bring himself to leave Rafer Johnson, who says Do you REALLY expect us to go out in this?

Supposedly the fog will burn away in a bit and we'll have more sunshine.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't know why but I always like pictures in the fog. I suppose it's because everything looks so ethereal.

billie said...

I love it for that same reason, Arlene. It was so beautiful.