Sunday, March 01, 2009

snow falling

My mom called earlier tonight to say that the day I was born it snowed 9 inches. I am a little bit intrigued with the notion that it snowing today marks some sort of circle in my life, but it's fine with me if we get a smattering and not the whole nine yards.

The Mystical-kit is sitting outside on the deck rail, by the butterfly bush, a favored feline spot here, watching the snow fall as it also dusts his silky gray coat.

I tried to get a photo, but it didn't come out well, and I've been editing and decided more editing is probably a wiser choice than fiddling with my camera for the perfect shot, not to mention getting it to upload.

So, I'm sitting here typing, shortly will be editing again, and if I look to my left through the laundry room window, there is the silvery wolfen kit-meow, who I believe thinks it is snowing just for his personal entertainment on a winter's night.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That's very interesting that it snowed 9 inches on your birth date. I wonder if it does mark some sort of circle in your life or if perhaps now I know who to blame for this miserable weather. Just kidding. Hope you all enjoy your snow especially the Mystical-kit.

billie said...

Oh dear - I hope you didn't get more than your share of this snowstorm on my account! :)

We have about two inches. It's beautiful outside, and I guess I should be grateful that it won't melt for a couple of days, since the ground is already completely saturated! Can what is already in the soil absorb underneath the snow in the meantime?

Victoria Cummings said...

Did you get more snow on Sunday night or was that it? We're in our second round of it right now, after receiving about 6 inches last night. I think it will end up being a total of just under a foot. Luckily, the ground under your snow probably isn't frozen, so it will absorb all the moisture quickly. I'm always astonished by how much the ground is able to absorb and how fast. Since the temps were well below freezing here, our winter wonderland will be around a lot longer than yours. A good day for hibernation.

billie said...

We got about two inches total. It's quite lovely, but the combination of very wet ground underneath and slightly above freezing temps is making for extremely mushy ground already. I had envisioned a break from the mushy ground, but I guess that will come tonight when the temps are supposed to drop into the teens.

I have put everyone out of the barn for the day, without blankets, so they can get some fresh air and give the barn and the stalls a rest while we muck.

It appears the sun may come out, and although they are on mushy ground outside, it has to be better than standing in a barn all day long!

They all seemed pretty happy to head out, especially Salina.