Tuesday, March 03, 2009

one more thank you to Whinny Warmers

It is 16 degrees out this morning, with the remnants of our snow making it look and feel colder, and the very mushy ground is now rock hard. Water tubs had to be broken, and it's the kind of morning when I fret about Salina and her arthritic knees, which can get stiff and sore in the cold.

I wondered this past fall why someone hadn't come up with something to keep horse legs warm - and then I discovered that someone had.

Whinny Warmers are what I call "leg warmers for horses." I ordered two pair for Salina back before Christmas, hoping they would work, but not expecting much. There are a lot of "miracle" products out there that don't stand up to equine use.

When they arrived, I was instantly thrilled with the quality. They are soft and well-made, and when we put them on, Salina accepted them immediately. Surprisingly, they stay up easily without being tight or restrictive. They make a noticeable difference in Salina's comfort in the cold, they wash and dry beautifully, and the cost was very reasonable. What more could I ask for in an equine product?

There is more. The owner of Whinny Warmers saw a photo here of Salina wearing the warmers, and noted that I had mentioned the company and recommended them to anyone seeking socks for horses.

He emailed to say that he would like to donate Whinny Warmers to the rescue of my choice.

I sent out a couple of emails to two of my favorite rescues, the NC USERL and Primrose Donkey Sanctuary.

I heard back from our local USERL quickly, and Whinny Warmers were sent within two days to every single horse they have in their care right now who might benefit from extra warmth on the legs.

Yesterday, I received an email from Sheila at Primrose Donkey Sanctuary, telling me that she has been busy and was just now getting to my email, but that she has two donkeys who could use the Whinnies: a mammoth donkey (Tabolinsky) and a large standard gelding, 35 to 40 yrs. old (Amos) who has a hairline fracture in the left front pastern. Amos protects and guides Patsy - a 14 yr. old jennet - who is totally blind and he is her eyes. They are trying to keep him going as long as they can and think the leg warmers will help.

Mr. Petterson had already donated so many Whinny Warmers I was hesitant to ask for more. But the two donkeys in need at Primrose touched my heart, so I sent the email on. Mr. Petterson emailed overnight to ask for the address so he can put the Whinnies in the mail.

I want to say another big THANK YOU to the Pettersons for their generosity and for the Whinny Warmers, a great product for equines.

They also have a product called Summer Sox which protect equine legs from flies - I'll be trying those this year too, and will report on the results.

And finally, for anyone here who reads Sheaffer's blog, Primrose is where TJ, the infamous mini mule, lives. Sheila passed on an update and said that TJ will accept treats but is still wary of hands. She says she can tell that he wants her to touch him - and that she will give him all the time he needs to learn to trust humans again.

I'd like to ask that if you have healthy, beloved equines, give them a hug today. And then find a rescue and send them a donation and a thank you for all they do.


Nachodonkey said...

The summer sox sound like a great idea. It would certainly make hoof trimming far easier. As your spring is far earlier your bugs are probably more active earlier too, please let me know how well they work.

After hearing about TJ's horrible beginning in life and his war on Sheaffer (and that he was being traded in on an older model) I just had to see him. The English Lady took me up last summer and I got some great pics. He was on his best behaviour (and as cute as a bug's ear) so I don't know what Sheaffer was on about. I am happy I got to see him in person and of course, say "Hi" to The Sheaff.

After looking at the horses on the USERL web site, I will give my animals a hug and an extra flake of hay!! I don't know why I went on the site. It always makes me feel bad.

billie said...

So you have met both TJ AND Sheaffer? Wow! :)

It seemed like TJ was just not a good fit for Sheaffer and Co., from all I read. He certainly has an allure, and I suspect it is that quality that will help him progress. He is so young, after all, and there is plenty of time to heal those early traumas.

I know what you mean about the USERL site. I can barely look at it myself, but periodically force myself to do so as a reminder.

I have a notion that as I have room in my barn over the coming years, I will take in a senior who needs a place to live out the remainder of his/her days. Salina was not a rescue but she needed a retirement home and she has given us so much pleasure, joy, and insight into the equine mind - and ourselves - that I feel drawn to keep that going.

I'll make sure and let you know about the Summer Sox. I suspect they would be good not only for flies, but for any horse that has a sore that needs to heal during the pest-y months.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Isn't it nice to know that there are still good people around running businesses. It seems like something out of the past where the business owners actually cared about their clients and did what they could to help them. I may just try the summer sox this year too, solely because of this man's caring about something other than the almighty dollar to be made. Thanks for this uplifting story.

billie said...

Arlene, I feel the same way, although in my case I also have the satisfaction of finding a product that exactly fit my need.

ponymaid said...

Billie, bless you, bless you. You really are so kind. The woman has met Tabi and Amos and Patsy and they are most deserving of this unexpected and touching gift. Brennan donkey, blind Patsy's other guardian, died last fall, leaving a huge rift in Sheila's heart. Would you mind if I tell this lovely story on my blog? I would like to give a mention to the wonderful owner of Whinny Warmers and would also love to try out the anti-bug socks when he begins marketing them (oh...Jack says he wants argyll). I'm afraid my woman is still obsessed with getting the PrimRose donkeys truck loads of de-wormer - the socks sound so much nicer...

billie said...

Sheaffer, you are most welcome to tell this story on your blog. I know you'll do it justice! :)

If the Summer Sox are of similar quality as the Whinnies, I am sure they'll be great.

I am getting ready to order the pony a pair of Whinnies so that we can warm his hocks before and after riding, and when we use the warm wraps in cooler weather, it will be nice to put the Whinnies on until his fur dries out afterward.

I've been reading recently about IR and Cushings horses that have laminitic episodes that are brought on by cold. The Whinnies would be great for that too, as they fold down right over the hoof walls if you want them to.

I have to say, re: the de-wormer, that getting all the parasites out when equines have them is an early step toward rehabbing them - so I think the woman is spot on to keep them well supplied.

I know it must taste horrid, though, and I have memories of spitting some hideous yellow liquid out repeatedly as a young girl. Nice socks are more fun! :)