Sunday, March 15, 2009

it is still raining!

Thankfully it's a bit warmer than it was the first two days, and there is no wind, so it's just wet, not so much cold.

But I think we're all getting tired of slogging through the muck. Even musical stalls has lost its excitement. The apple chunks are still welcome, but seem to make them all that much more grumpy, like bored kids who argue over the treat that's supposed to buoy them.

After lunch, though, when I'd moved everyone back around to their "regular" spots, Salina and the donkeys went in the barnyard in search of green, and Keil Bay left his messy stall to go poop in Cody's clean one, which always makes me laugh, and Cody went to the arena gate and looked back, inviting me to play.

So I took a break from mucking and in we went. We did some slow dancing, as it is raining so steadily the arena is draining more and more slowly, and I didn't think running around would be good for footing OR dancers. The pony came to the open gate and waited for his invitation to come in too. After a few minutes, Cody was done, and the pony declined my invite to play, so I went back to mucking.

The moment I turned my back, those two were trotting around and the pony led the way to a small jump and went right over it. When he saw me looking he slowed to a halt like "uh oh, she wasn't supposed to see that."

He's been on a break from jumping for some time now, but maybe he's ready to try it again.

When I came in, the two of them were still in the arena playing. Salina and the donkeys were nibbling grass and Rafer Johnson seems to have made peace with the rain. Redford is like the little boy who never stays inside. He'll go out no matter what.

Keil Bay thinks they're all nuts. He went back to his messy stall and played boxing match with the hay net.

One more day of wet stuff and then we can start drying out again.


ponymaid said...

Billie, that all sounds very water-logged. We're still in mud mode here but it was sunny and warm today. I much enjoyed your tales of horse/donkey shennanigans. Some sound eerily familiar...I think Rafer and are closely related. Both of us are conservative at heart and think deeply on all subjects.

Yrs in muck,

billie said...

Sheaffer, at the moment (on Monday now) the rain has stopped. But it is still so dark and gray out we need lamps on in the house. If it keeps up we will need muck boots for horses and donkeys!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope your wetness leaves you soon. Even though most of the critters seem to be making the most of things. I do find it hilarious that Keil Bay went into Cody's stall to poop. What a character.

billie said...

Arlene, I find it hilarious too. It's not like he keeps his stall meticulous, but more like he has a messy stall and uses the other ones when he needs a break from the mess of his own!

I have discovered since being here and being able to relax some of the "rules" of a big barn that horses are really funny and their personalities emerge completely if given the chance.

I know not everyone can operate this way given the constraints of boarding, teaching, etc., but it has been one of the joys of horsekeeping for me.