Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what a great company!

When I checked email a few minutes ago, I found a comment in response to an older post in which I had praised Salina's Whinny Warmers. These equine leg warmers have been a great help in keeping her arthritic knees comfortable on the cold nights and days we've had this winter.

This was the comment:

Dear Billie, Please call us at Sox For Horses, Inc.
We want to thank you for writing about us by donating some socks to your favorite horse rescue effort.
or drop me a note at
and we will donate socks in your name.

Salina looks very cozy and quite nice in blue.

Warmest Regards, and Thanks!
Raymond Petterson- President

I wanted to post this so that everyone sees it - I love finding great products at good prices but when the company is this nice it's even better.

I've contacted a local rescue group and Mr. Petterson, and am happy some more horses will have warmer nights thanks to Whinny Warmers.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That was so nice of the Whinny Warmers company to donate the warmers. It's nice to see a caring company for a change.

billie said...

I agree. Things like this are why I LOVE small companies with big ideas.

Victoria Cummings said...

Go Whinny Warmers! I hope that their kind gesture brings them lots of good karma.

billie said...

Amazingly, Mr. Petterson has already contacted the USERL group I referred, and is sending Whinny Warmers to EVERY foster rescue who needs them!

I contacted the group initially asking if they might use the leg warmers, and the president said she had just learned about them a few weeks ago and had been wanting some for the older rescues.

This is one of those serendipitous things that makes me happy to be a little link in the chain.