Wednesday, February 11, 2009

good rides

I keep meaning to take the camera out with me to the barn, but the focus for the past week has been on riding and enjoying this gorgeous weather, so I keep forgetting!

Yesterday was my day to ride Cody and it was a pleasure. He stretched and rounded up and we even did a bit of shoulder in. My daughter rode the pony in his bareback pad, and he did his very big, very beautiful pony trot for her! I think that's the first time I've ever seen him do that under saddle. He offers a nice trot under saddle, but never the one he uses when in the field or "dancing" free in the arena - until yesterday. I think this means he's feeling really good, and bodes well for riding dressage as we move into spring.

Of some note - yesterday was Adequan injection day for the two seniors, and for the first time in over 2 years, when I gave Salina hers I drew back blood. Two times in a row! I had to stick her 3 times, and she was her usual steadfast self. Even in the front field with the wind gusting. I was proud of myself, too. (in case you're a newer reader here, I have a terrible needle phobia, and it's a pretty big deal to me to do these injections) She had a peppermint as a reward.

Keil Bay's went like a dream. He got to lick a peppermint while getting his, and I honestly don't think he even knew I'd done it, he was so involved in that little red and white striped disk!

The pony lined up for his turn, but of course he doesn't get one!

Today we have a chance for rain later, so I need to get clean shavings into stalls, ride the Big Bay, and be clean and ready to head to the office by 6.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to hear the weather is still nice and you had nice rides. I would be proud of myself too for doing the shots. I've got a needle phobia too and so I always let my daughter do it. She's better at it anyway.

billie said...

I'm lucky that the two Hanos are such steadfast horses. The vet goes gaga over how easy Keil Bay is to deal with. Salina is trickier, but if I'm centered, she's easy, so she keeps me focused on being in the right frame of mind.

jme said...

ugh! i hate injections! we used to give legend to all of ours once a month (we didn't notice any improvement, so we've stopped for now.) legend has to be given iv, which i'm fine with and usually hit on the first try, but there would always be one horse whose vein i just couldn't find, and that can get frustrating for everyone very quickly :-\ i'm glad not to be doing it anymore...

wish i could have seen the dancing pony! i love when they are like that, and i'd take it as a good sign too :-)

billie said...

IV - now THAT would be stressful for me!

I originally did the Adequan monthly but then our vet suggested we do once/week for 4-7 weeks every 4th month instead. I've seen a better response with this protocol, but to be honest, I see a better response with regular chiro. Although with Salina, the chiro said every joint was freer with the Adequan, so I hesitate to stop. Fortunately our vet will call in a prescription so I can buy it at a greatly reduced cost online.

Victoria Cummings said...

You are so lucky to be riding. We're still very icy up here. And I admire you for giving them the Adequan shots. I've thought about doing it with my dear old dog, but I just can't get up the nerve. It's interesting that you're not seeing much of a difference. I found that consistent daily oral doses of glucosamine/chondrotin/MSM for my dog has had a better results than the series of Adequan shots that the vet gave her.

Linda said...

Have you heard of or tried a generic form of Adequan? My trainer gets it from her vet and says it is great. Just wondered if anyone else had used it.

billie said...

Well, to be clear, I do see some difference with Salina, but it is not so much in her daily movement - but her overall joint flexion is better with the Adequan. Since she's retired from riding now, it's harder to tell. She still walks/trots/canters and even gallops up the hill, and she can turn on a dime when she wants to.

With Keil Bay, who doesn't have arthritic issues, I don't see much difference. If I could get chiro on him weekly, I would, b/c he loves it, and I absolutely see the results. For him, the Adequan is more a preventive thing.

I've done the oral joint supplement with the horses. Everyone has told me the amount they get orally is negligible, and that the IM injections are so much better. I really think it varies, and the best judge of whether something is working is the person who handles the horse daily, and can notice subtle things that may be improving.

The thing that REALLY didn't make any difference, AT ALL, was that hideous joint injection Salina got last year. BTDT, will never do it again. :/

billie said...

Linda, I have heard of it. I've read a bunch of anecdotal tales of how it works just fine, and otoh, how it does not work at all. Our vets have never recommended it, so I've not tried it.

When we get our spring shots I plan to talk with the vet about Equioxx for Salina. I have heard good things about it wrt arthritis, but I'm sort of saving it as a "last resort" because long term use hasn't been studied yet.

Meanwhile, I think the very best thing for her is being able to move in and out of the barn. She does so much better when she can walk and keep her knees moving. And now she has her little bodyguards, who are young and always willing to accompany her, even during the night.

ponymaid said...

Needles?! One of my great phobias and something that gives me nightmares. The vets are quite rude and say I won't feel a thing on account of my extra neck "padding" but I let them know how much I suffer. The woman calls it acting out... Keil Bay and Selina are very, very brave indeed. They must feel like pincushions by now. Do I detect an upsurge in the mint quota as reward for their stoicism?

billie said...

Sheaffer, they are both very very stoic. Although I have not given Rafer or Redford any injections, Rafer has proven himself stoic as well. He had more than his share during his brave season of the broken leg.

Young Redford is nearing time for that horrendous but necessary procedure that young male equines go through, and I am not at all looking forward to it.