Saturday, February 14, 2009


So far today I have a number of valentines.

Keil Bay gave me a beautiful, slightly collected canter to the right today, in an entire 20m circle.

After untacking and getting the Big Bay turned out, I walked into the barnyard to see the donkey hearts enjoying a taste of spring.

Dickens Edward Wickens planted himself in my path a number of times, and looked quite charming.

Later, we're going out for a valentine's dessert, and tomorrow, my husband has agreed to substitute for me as a volunteer at a dressage show so I can do the dressage book club I signed up for, double-booking myself in the process.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Double booking yourself. Too funny, Billie! :)

Thanks for sharing your Valentine's Day cuties with us. You know how much I wanted to see a new photo of the donkey cuties, too.

Have a beautiful day, my friend :)


the7msn said...

I'd take those kind of valentines over roses and chocolate any day.

billie said...

Lisa, one day I will learn to put everything on the same calendar!

Thanks for stopping by - I hoped you'd see the photo since you wanted a new one!

billie said...

Me, too, Linda. As you well know, every day with donkeys is like Valentine's Day! Redford and Rafer are little Love-Bugs.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the photos of your little love bugs. Keil Bay sounds like he was in good form today and the pussycat is adorable and very photogenic. Enjoy your dessert and have fun at the dressage book club. It's so nice of your husband to fill in for you, mine wouldn't even know where to begin in something like that.

billie said...

Arlene, I forgot to mention that I did a new exercise with him today that came from Walter Zettl, which involved going into the shoulder-in from a circle at the corners of the arena and then doing some specific steps down the long side.

It was interesting b/c the left side is more difficult for him, but I discovered as I was working on this (at the walk) that my own aids were confusing going left, and when I tried something different, he immediately did a much nicer bend.

I suspect that work earlier in the ride really loosened us both, and the canter was simply stunning. He was totally beneath himself, and his back was up under me perfectly.

My husband is a good sport! :)

Victoria Cummings said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your delightful herd!

billie said...

Thanks - you too!!

Anonymous said...

You had the best valentine's day ever! I always enjoy it when someone sees the beauty that is evident around them. So many people miss it because they are in their own heads. You have EYES.

billie said...

And I try hard to keep them open! :) It's easy to pass things by, but if you ever get into the habit of slowing down to look and enjoy, every day is full of little wonders.