Thursday, February 19, 2009

we celebrate a birthday

Redford, our amazing flying miniature donkey, is ONE today! He will be getting the usual special birthday breakfast, lots of extra hugs, and photos will likely appear here as the day rolls on.

We had a nice rain yesterday, but today, the sun has returned, temps will rise to the 50s, and my guess is that much of his special day will be spent basking in the warmth with his herd.

Happy birthday little Redford!! We will never forget that you came at a moment's notice to lift Rafer Johnson's spirits when he needed it, and we will especially never forget you sailing over the wall into his stall to be closer to him.

You're our superstar, and we love you.


And on another, but very fitting note, Rafer's birthday post marks my 500th post here on camera-obscura! I started this blog mostly for photographs, but have ended up writing quite a bit on a regular basis, and have made some wonderful cyber-friends.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday little guy! You are one of the cutest little donkeys I've seen and you have a special personality to match. Have a great day with lots of treats.

Congratulations Billie on your 500th post. Wow, I'm impressed, I don't think I will ever get that far. It takes me too long to think of something to post about.Love hearing about your days and your critters.

billie said...

His birthday breakfast was quite lovely - he had his usual beet pulp, flax, sprinkling of whole oats, and vits/minerals in the center, a fan of baby carrots around the edge, and a peppermint off to the side as a little treat. Rafer and the pony were keeping a close eye on that tub!

Party favors were carrots in all the tubs.

I'll get a good birthday photo later today!

Nachodonkey said...

Happy Birthday Redford!
I hope you enjoyed your Birthday breakfast...the mint on the side is a lovely touch. You would need to guard it very carefully at our place. Everyone believes in sharesies unless it is they who are enjoying the treat.

I don't know when Nacho's birthdate is as he is a rescue but he came to us on Easter Sunday so I think that will be the day we celebrate his birthday even though it falls on a different day every year.

We had a major thaw here with a hard rain for two or three days and for well over a week the horses and donkey have had to navigate over ice or stay on the south facing hill on the property next door where the frozen earth was exposed. It was still difficult to walk on because it was so hard but they didn't slip. If they could find a small area of softer snow to stand on they would wait until I brought their hay to them. Talk about service.

There was a nice 4" snowfall last night that made walking much easier for them even though I am quite sick of white stuff.

I really enjoy your blog and when I have more time in the spring will go back and read your earlier posts.

billie said...

Thanks so much! Easter sounds like a perfect birthday for Nacho - I love the idea of a donkey Easter basket... :)

I hope you have some warmer weather soon to get rid of the ice. We rarely have that issue on the ground, and I can only imagine the difficulty with horses and donkeys and ice. Stay warm and keep me posted on the birthday celebration when it happens!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy Birthday Redford!

Congrats, Billie, on your 500th post!

I'm glad I discovered your blog and always enjoy reading your posts and seeing photos of your beautiful animals, too.


billie said...

Thank you, Lisa!

Wenda said...

Billie, So sorry to have been away for so long. Thanks for still being here sharing your love of family and equine friends. My heart is warmed by your stories of kindnesses exchanged.

Belated congrats on your 500th post!

billie said...

Hi, Wenda - great to see you again. And thank you!