Thursday, February 12, 2009

wednesday got a bit wild

The wind was whipping here yesterday, although it was very warm. My ride on the Big Bay was good. He had his very alert ears on, but always responded when I asked him to flick back and stay connected. We worked into his big trot going to the right, and tried to work on his inflexibility to the left, which has always been an issue for him.

Keil has a rather large scar on his right barrel, and you can feel the thick scar tissue there. I have always wondered if going left pulls on that old scar tissue in some way. But in any case, he and I have to work harder going left to stay straight and get a nice, genuine bend. I also wonder if my own crookedness is in that direction, and between the two, we really have a tough time. But we got a few good strides in and will continue working on it.

I was so pleased with myself that despite the roaring wind I got my ride in, got shavings in stalls, got evening chores done, and launched out of here at 6 to get to my office.

Sometimes when things go so easily, you know a hitch is coming.

Last night was the first time I've had to use the new alarm system in my building. I unlocked the door, went in to the keypad, typed in my code, and then felt my anxiety rise as the scary computer voice told me to enter it again. And again. I wondered if I was supposed to close the door - I'd been so nervous about not getting the code typed in before the allotted time elapsed, I'd left it open. So I ran back and closed it and locked it.

By this time the computer voice was seeming more insistent and then suddenly the alarm went off. The voice of a live person came blasting into the hallway.

Identify yourself.

I said my name, gave my code, and then she said I needed to give another code. Which I didn't have.

You are unauthorized. Leave the premises immediately. Police officers are on the way.

By this point I was so discombobulated I went to the front door, opened it, and set off a series of motion detectors, which told me every step I took that unauthorized motion was detected. I felt like I was in a scene from the Twilight Zone.

Fortunately, the owners live quite close to the office, and they drove up within minutes, letting me know they'd canceled the police call and offering to walk me through the routine.

My client session started late, ran late to make up that lost time, and when I got home last night, all I wanted to do was have a glass of wine, a little dinner, and watch the remaining episode on my Netflix disk. MacLoud's Daughters.

My husband thinks it was crazy that I didn't know what was coming. Without spoiling anything for anyone who might watch this series, I'll just say that something that I sort of knew was coming, but not how it would actually happen, happened. And it was heartbreaking. I was in tears by the last few minutes, and I still feel brutalized by the writers. How could they have written that?

Of course, it's to their credit that they write so well. I was completely involved in their story and thus taken completely by surprise, denied the little bit I knew, and then crashed and burned as it played out.

Fortunately, today is sunny and even though it looks like it might end up even windier than yesterday, their is no rush to be anywhere, and we can deal with the wind if it comes.


My bird messengers are all coming 'round to settle things down this morning. First, my husband came in from throwing morning hay and said the redtail was sitting on the fence post.

I just opened the front door to let Moomin in and the three crows were all in the front field.

It's one of those days where you open your eyes and all the signs are there. It makes me think of the last lines of two of my favorite poems.

The whole wide world pours down.

-William Stafford

What we need is here.

-Wendell Berry


Grey Horse Matters said...

We must have inherited your wind up here today. Really gusty.
Good you got your ride in yesterday despite the wind. I wonder if that scar does pull, that's an interesting assessment of his inflexibility going to the left.Hmm.
I haven't seen the movie you talked about but now you've peaked my curiosity and I'm going to order it.
It's too bad you got a Twilight Zone episode last night, I'm sure by today is more amusing than when it happened.

billie said...

Arlene, there is a movie of MacLeod's Daughters, and I have watched that - and enjoyed it.

The TV series changed some things slightly from that original movie, including actors/actresses, and that's what I'm watching now. It has 8 seasons and I'm just finishing season 3.

It's an Australian show and takes place on a working ranch. I have gotten quite caught up in the story line.

Just as a reference, a few of my favorite TV series have been:

Lost in Space (when I was young)

Dark Shadows (also when I was young)


actually, all the Zwick/Herskowitz shows


West Wing

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Other than the earlier stuff on the list, I've used Netflix to watch the series. I love the lack of commercials, ability to watch more than one episode at a time, and the fact that it's all in my control, LOL.

Except of course the stories don't always do what I want them to!

jme said...

isn't that the most nerve-wracking thing?!? i go into work early and i have momentarily lapsed, forgotten the code and set the alarm off. and of course i don't know the password when they call either. i just break out in a cold sweat!

glad despite your minor technological incident everything in the natural world was still working in harmony for you :-)

i might have to netflix the series too... sounds interesting. and... you're a dark shadows fan too? i recently ordered the first set in the dvd series!

billie said...

Glad I'm not the only alarm setter offer around... :)

I loved Dark Shadows. Haven't seen it since, but one of my fondest memories is getting out of school, walking downtown with my friends, getting barbecue chips and a Dr. Pepper at the little grill, and heading home to watch Dark Shadows.

The first thing I wanted to learn to play in piano lessons was Quentin's Theme. LOL.

Victoria Cummings said...

All alarms make me nervous - sorry you had such a nightmarish time. I love those two lines you quoted. I'll have to go read the whole poems. We're !glad that those winds have blown out across the Atlantic. They were crazy!

billie said...

Glad the winds have blown out. We had a much milder day today wind-wise, and it was NICE. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! Sorry about the Twlight Zone Alarm situation, Billie. What an adventure! Enough to get the adrenaline racing in the morning, eh? hehe
I had a similar problem when pet-sitting in my early twenties for a family who went overseas and left their home and dogs and cats for me to care for. They lived deep in the forest on about 20 acres with no neighbors close by. And they had an alarm system.

For a week I had no problems with the alarm, but on the last day of my job there, I tripped the alarm somehow and it went off screaming, terrifying the cats, dogs and me. Soon after, police cars showed up, lights and sirens blarings. They came out with weapons pointing at the house! gah!
When I came out of the house with my hands up, I had to show them my ID and give them phone #'s of the family and their closest neighbors and extended family.
Thankfully I had those extra #'s because the police couldn't reach the home owners in Europe, and the neighbors knew that I was the pet sitter. Whew. It sure was a tense hour or so, though. Something I'll never forget (It's already been 20 years, too. lol!)

I'm glad you got a really nice ride in. And it sounds like you and Keil Bay won't be dancing with two left feet at least. hehe


billie said...

Lisa, I only see clients in the evenings, so it was dark out already when all this happened. Which made it a bit spookier.

However, it would have been that much scarier to have animals in the picture, and to have officers arrive with drawn weapons - my gosh! I'm glad you had the info they needed to prove you were supposed to be there!